Energy Crisis in Pakistan 2024 Causes and Consequences

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    Major Causes and Consequences of the Energy Crisis in Pakistan  must helps one to understand this major issue in 2024. No doubt, Energy crisis in Pakistan is a burning issue in current time. These crisis are a great hurdle in supply of energy in Pakistan. Every country in the world is moving towards enlightenment but Pakistan is moving towards darkness. Every person depends on energy. But it is not possible to provide electricity for people twenty-four hours in a day. Because energy crisis on its peak level in Pakistan. It is impossible for students to get together for our studies and works. People are suffering from load shedding.

    With the passage of time these crisis are enter in danger zone that will be really harmful in future. From a period of time these crisis are seeing to come but no one find its alternates. We divide this topic in two different parts first causes of these energy crises and then also discuss solution their solutions. Initially moving towards its causes: One major cause of energy crisis is high consumption ratio and less production ratio.

    Everyone is busy to uses energy while no one thinks about its production. It’s one best example is now shortage of gas, initially it will available on reasonable price and it will also available according to requirement. With the passage of time when everyone is busy in using it and almost major industry of Pakistan is also convert on this energy source.

    At same time it’s necessary to work on its production and if it will not further produce in Pakistan then it’s necessary to doing some alternate but no one take care of this thing and now we face huge crisis due to its shortage.

    For sure, energy is a key of our industrial growth and economy of Pakistan. Factories and power looms and business are being closed down. People of Pakistan are crying and do not have any idea what to do. There are many big industries had to contribute in small towns about energy crisis but our government has failed to solve these problems.

    • Energy crisis is the result of increasing populations, lake of resources, high demand of power and no planning in past. The major cause of short fall of energy is theft of energy in Pakistan. Pakistan is bearing not only domestic level energy theft but also commercial and industrials consumers are doing energy theft.

    On the other hand raising the fuel prices is the big cause of generating electricity. Natural gas and oil are two major component of production or electricity. So shortage of natural gas there is not more than added recourse for production of electricity.

    Pakistan face another energy crisis in the form of shortage of fuel, in absence of other energy sources peoples used it as alternate but now it will also adopt a dangerous shape. Now moving towards their solution then in these crises our previous governments are responsible.

    in Pakistan energy crisis

    Our governments are trying to finding other resources to overcome the energy crisis. Coal is also available in our country but the lake of technology and expertise does not used in favors of our country. Every leader is blame to each other for energy crisis and could not found proper Solution and implement in emergency basis. One of the major worries for Pakistan inflicts with leaders and they do not think about human goals and Pakistan’s goals except their own goals. Pakistan suffered that such leaders in past and may be in future.

    Now major solution of these all crisis is that next government take responsibility and they only doing work to find their alternates. And the most important thing is that they make a role through which it’s useless usage and its wastage can be minimized. It’s also necessary to utilize those energy sources that are still waiting for working. If our government of pakistan is serious to resolve energy crisis then with in year it will control able and it will accept that next government work on to minimize energy crisis.

    However, possible solution for all these problems that causes of energy crisis in Pakistan. Pakistan’s government takes quick serious action and builds dams for future. They have been used renewable recourses of energy like hydro, nuclear, solar energy, geothermal, biogases and wind energy. Another solution of the energy crisis in Pakistan must be implemented in emergency basis the people of the Pakistan should play their role in saving the energy and reducing the consumption of energy. Government of Pakistan should adopted modern technology and increase the level of production related to energy.

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