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    A large number of the post office are operating in Lahore to cover the entire city, that’s why different Postal Code of Lahore are allocated for the identity to differentiate it from one from other on the bases of post or zip code. Actually, every area has a unique number for its recognition. These codes differ from cities to cities as well as Postal Codes of one city is also different according to their Post offices control area so far. Postal codes are actually given the area privacy as well as using recognition of that area. So the area has its own identity in accordance with this code. Overall, this is the ideal way to manage things and from years this is working superbly.

    Postal Code of Lahore:

    • Based on the town, the Postal Code of Lahore is majorly comprised of defence, township, Allama Iqbal Town, DHA, Samanabad, Johar town, Awan Town, and many other areas also included in the below-given table with details of Area.

    Few people also called it Lahore Zip Postal code too. Yes, these are the reciprocal names what will we want to say. Such codes are exactly used as in contrast to your original country name. The postal Codes of different areas in Lahore are in this listing that is most useable now.

    LAHORE ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN 54570 Lahore GPO Punjab 54571
    LAHORE CANTT. G.P.O. 54810 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54811
    LAHORE DEFENCE HOUSING SOCIETY 54792 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54793
    LAHORE E.M.E Society P.O 53710 Lahore GPO Punjab 53711
    LAHORE G.P.O 54000 Lahore GPO Punjab 54001
    LAHORE ISMAIL NAGAR 54760 Lahore Cantt GPO Punjab 54761
    LAHORE MULTAN ROAD 54500 Lahore GPO Punjab 54501
    LAHORE NEW UNIVERSITY CAMPUS 54590 Lahore GPO Punjab 54591
    LAHORE PMG PUNJAB POST OFFICE 54560 Lahore GPO Punjab 54561
    LAHORE PT & T AUDIT 54550 Lahore GPO Punjab 54551
    LAHORE PUNJAB GOVERNOR HOUSE 54880 Lahore GPO Punjab 54881
    LAHORE SECONDARY BOARD 54650 Lahore GPO Punjab 54651
    LAHORE SHADMAN WOMEN MODEL P.O 54610 Lahore GPO Punjab 54611

    Lahore Postal Codes List

    During the starting year of this govt, a major development is observed in the post office to update it online. Also, a few useful steps are taking to built trust in it. And its also true that net work-wise, this is still one of the wider operational platforms. But, hopefully, the Postal Code of Lahore will not change because they are already good in a number.

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