NCBA&E Fee Structure 2023 Lahore, Multan

For all new comers, NCBA&E fee structure 2023 is to understand that how much this uni charged now for the Lahore and Multan Campus. Both of these campuses of National College of Business Administration and Economics are really fine in their work. From business to other specializations, their departments start getting positions in HEC ranking as well. Even, their Mphil or Phd degrees are properly valid because they full fill the all required measures that need for it. Second, scholarships are their beauty that many of students get free education who pass the required test.

NCBA&E Fee Structure 2023

The National College of Business Administration released the latest fee structure for a new session as well all programs offered too. So, one can check NCBA&E fee structure 2023 for either Lahore or Multan as well. Their stats are:

NCBA&E Lahore Fee Structure 2023

Candidates who want to get admission to the Lahore now finding the NCBAE Lahore campus fee structure 2023. We add few of the Bs, Ms and Mphil programs fee that are applicable for this campus.

  • BS Fee Chart:
BS Programs Total Degree Fee(Approx.)
BBA (Hons) 801,000 Rupees
 BS (Digital Marketing) 800,500
 Environmental Management 656,500
BS(CS) 842,000
Software Engineering 843,700
Math 519,000
Psychology 650,000

Imp Note: For student’s info just only they issued one fee structure applicable to all campuses. Further, the contact number of the Lahore campus is given.

  • Its contact number is (042) 35752716.

Furthermore, their is:

NCBA&E Multan Fee Structure 2023:

The previous year, they opened a new campus in Multan city because massive strength of the students getting an education in the Lahore campus who come from Multan region. The fee structure is the same in the Multan campus while the contact info here is below.

BS Programs Total Degree Fee(Approx.)
 BS Business Analytics 800,000 Rupees
Information Technology 843,000
Data Sciences & Analytics 742,000
Statistics 506,000
Actuarial Science 661,000
Clinical Psychology 750,000
Mass Communication 648,000
  • The number of the Multan campus is 0300 8561418.

Note: Maybe, few of the degree program has yet not started in Multan campus too.

NCBA&E MBA Fee Structure:

Basically, name of this institute is the National College Of Business Administration And Economics which is totally related to business studies. So, people prefer this organization for MBA education and now want to look fee structure of this course.

MBA of 2.5 Year 494,000 Rupees
MBA of 1.5 Year 275,000 Rupees
  • For the post graduate options:

NCBA&E MPhil Fee Structure:

The fee for the M.Phil program in NCBA&E has mostly offered in Lahore campus where they will properly guide you too. While, amounts are in the table.

Mphil Programs(2 Year)
Total Degree Fee(Approx.)
Mphil (Management Science) 349,500 Rupees
Mphil (Computer Science) 360,000 Rupees
Mphil (Math)  249,500 Rupees
Statistics  251,000
Mphil Education  305,500
English  320,000

NCBA&E Phd Fee Structure:

For the Phd, fee are again changed, this is the latest that has recently been sort out. While this fee will change in the next session because every year they made some of the changes.

Phd Programs(3 Years)
Total Degree Fee(Approx.)
PhD(Management Science) 910,500 Rupees
PhD (CS)  900,000 Rupees
PhD (Math) 700,000 Rupees
Stats  699,900 Rupees

their fee and others

An complete NCBA&E Fee Structure 2023 is tried to be cover in this content. In addition, their focus is to be affordable and best that everyone get their dream education too.

They also has a huge network that is approved by the HEC all over the Pakistan. Their strength are the teachers that are very educated and skillful professional which educate the students on all the business principles which are very helpful to manage their own business effectively.

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