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    Pakistani film and drama industry is not only popular in our country but across the world too. Its only reason is that it has many talented and hardworking male and female actors that make their remarkable image not only in Pakistan but across the boards especially in India. Due to their talent, beauty, and abilities, other industry like Bollywood also wants to caste them in their projects. Undoubtedly, they cash their beauty and talent through charging high amount of money. You will be much surprised when you know about the actual amount of money which they earn from their acting work. In below one will check out the name of top 10 richest actress in Pakistan 2018. Right now these are the highest paid name that will expectedly make a huge amount of money.

    Its also a fact that after spending handsome time period in the industry, they got this fame and earnings. It’s sure that hard work plays the major role in the success of any popular personality.

    Top 10 Richest Actress in Pakistan 2018:

    • Highest Paid Pakistani Actress 2018:

    Saba Qamar:

    Saba Qamar

    She is a multitalented actor whom working style is entirely different from co-stars. While her beauty and hosting skills make her more special. She charged 3Lac for a single Episode.

     Hina Dilpazeer:

    Hina Dilpazeer

    This is another female multi-talented actress who works in the different areas of this field just like acting, modeling; hosting and singing. She charged 2 Lacks for a single episode of a drama.

    Mahira Khan:

    Mahira Khan

    She is another beauty queen and famous TV and film star and earns a very handsome amount per month. According to a survey, she gets paid 4 Lac for a single episode.

     Sajal Ali:

    Sajal Ali

    This is the youngest talent and barbie doll of Pakistani film and drama industry. She gets a lot of fame in a little time, while the innocent face is also her identity. So make around 2 Lac for a single episode. 

     Mehwish Hayat:

    Mehwish Hayat

    She is a beauty queen and attractive face features lady. She proved herself that she is number one actress in the field of acting, dancing, and modeling. She takes 3 Lack for a single drama episode.

    Sanam Baloch:

    Sanam Baloch

    Sanam Baloch is another Pakistani talent who start their career in TV industry as an anchorperson.Currently, she is hosting a morning show. She also reported get paid about 3 Lac per episode. While her hosting income has yet not revealed.

    Ayesha Omer:

    Ayesha Omer

    She is a popular Pakistani actress turned occasional singer. Her funny role in Drama Bulbulay takes her career to peak. But her earning stats have not made public.

    Sanam Saeed:

    Sanam Saeed

    She is a multi-talented actress, former model, and occasional host. She born in London and just at age of six shifted to Pakistan. There is no detail of her net worth available online.

    Urwa Hocane:

    Urwa Hocane:

    She is one of the most popular VJ and actress in Pakistan. She also acts in films; Na Maloom Afraad is her first film acting project. She is another high paid actresses in Pakistan.

    Mawra Hocane:

    mawra hussain

    She starts her career from a theater and after this, she stars work at Different television networks. Now she is in top 10 list.

    Note: These names are not arranging in a sequence of highest paid to lowest one. Further, all amount is paid on bases of per episode. Meanwhile, these figures are not authentic, they are collecting from different online sources. But these all names are real talent that has too many contributions to this industry. As film industry of this country is going downs, so its responsibility of directors that they utilize them in right way.

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