Younis Mobile Rate List Today 2022

On about everyday bases, the Younis Mobile rate list today 2022 is revised and let out. Through this, they discounted on price of different smartphone devices. This rate list is covering all available discounts on various smartphones. Because every brand will be part of this list. So, if you will plan to buy a new phone, then first view their rates. Surely compared to the market, you will get a better price from this store. Furthermore, every one of their products is original, so don’t worry that they will sell you a copy or clone of any model.

Younis Mobile Rate List Today 2022:

  • A fresh Younis Mobile rate list today 2022 will most probably update in the starting week of this month. Quite often they will upload their price chart at their social media or Facebook Page.

Most of the new buyers are confused that why Younis Mobile will offer a cheap rate of their original product. Basically, they are the wholesale dealers of multiple brands. That’s why they buy and sell most of the model at a discounted price.


  • 29 Main Hall Road Lahore


0315-7244485, 0423-7244485

If you fail to find the today Younis Mobile rate list today 2022 then call on the mentioned number. From a respected person, you can collect the price.

Younis Mobile Price List January 2022:

  • The fresh Younis Mobile Price List for January 2022 will on the sheet shortly.

Phone brand that offered by this store:

  • Qmobile
  • MAXX
  •  OPPO
  • honor
  • VIVO
  • MI
  • MOBO
  • Gfive
  • DANY

Check out the Price Chart:

This chart is of last year:

the new list one

This list shows that they will deal with every good brand of phones.

for the rate

Apart from the store, now their online shopping site is properly functional for respected customers.

Facebook Page of this store for Price Chart

This place is also secure for the purchasing purpose of any item. So, this is also a good option to utilize in the modern world. So, it’s your choice which you like more for shopping. This is the revised Younis Mobile rate list 2022 in January that will surely attract a huge number of customers toward itself.

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