History of Sheikh Caste in Pakistan in Urdu

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    The Muslim army of Arab dominated over the northwestern part of Indus Valley such as from Kashmir towards the Arabian Sea than at that time Islam arrived into Pakistan. At that time all the Technocrats, soldiers, bureaucrats, traders, teachers, sufis and theologians from across the Muslim world gathered into the South Asia and established there permanently. These Arab successors start using the Sheikh title along with their name. In Pakistan a history of Sheikh Caste is inquire here in English while one can also translate in Urdu to. This is an Arabic word. It has diversified meanings such as lord, respected and admirable old man, tribe’s elder or an Islamic intellectual.

    Therefore, in Pakistan these descendants were known by Muslim Khatri. However, the origin of the Pakistani sheikh is uncertain but it is argued that these belong to pre-Islamic ancestry.

    After the arrival of Islam in South Asian region like in Punjab, majority member of the high caste accepted Islam and start adopting this title whereas most of these people use this title to depict their ethnicity. Sheikh tribe is subdivided that generally includes

    • Punjabi Sheikh
    • Quraishi
    • Hashmi
    • Farooqi
    • Siddiqui
    • Usmani
    • Ansari
    • Khawaja
    • Kakkezai
    • Qanungoh

    Kashmiri and Sikh Sheikh.


    Those who are living in Punjab are recognized as Punjabi Sheikh. Generally they are non agriculturist and urban but a small number of people are associated with farming and have own lands in the western districts. There are mainly associated with own business. In Punjab, they have successfully maintained their reputation as a businessman. The Khawaja subdivisions are also belonging to such group of people. While the Sikh sub division are those who are living at the border of India but adjoining Pakistan therefore these are known by Sikh Sheikh.

    So every branch of Sheikh has its own features, characteristics and specialties but majority of the them are industrialistics as well businessman. Their families have accepted Islam and have adopted Sunni tradition. They believe in intermarriage but very often they attempted to marriage outside.

    This is a history of this Caste in Pakistan that may also be understand in Urdu to. Popular personalities of Pakistan are belongs to this caste. This Tribe comprises biggest part of the Pakistan. Men feel proud to use ‘Sheikh’ prefix along with their name. The members of this clan are known for their kind-heartiness. They are also always ready to serve humanity at any cost.

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