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How to Attest Degree from Foreign Office

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    The total process that How to Attest Degree from Foreign Office of Islamabad and Lahore is given there? It’s quite easier then attestation of How to Attest Degree from Foreign Officedegree from HEC. Before attestation from foreign office it’s necessary to verify it from HEC. So the basic whole procedure will complete at HEC office and there is not any need of giving basic information.

    Procedure to Attest Degree from Foreign Office:

    First of all one get a ticket of 20 rupees that is available at photo copy shop in foreign office. After getting this ticket one paste it on back side of degree that is for attestation. After this one submits it to the window that’s specifying for collection of your degree. At this window person can collect it after identification of person that available for its submission.

    After collection they give time and send it for further verification. For verification there is not too much time require because so mostly they give two hours to the person that submit it. A separate window is also established for collection of degree and for facilitation of peoples they announce the name in a speaker whose degree will attest. So it’s really simple and within two or three hours one can get their verified degree.

    Now two offices are work for the verification. Head office is working in Islamabad while a branch is also established in Lahore.  Process is same for both office but if want to verify it from Lahore office then they need more time. So for urgent Islamabad foreign office is more suitable further process is same in both cases.

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