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Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay

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    Energy is considered to be the most essential instrument for the socio economical development of a country. Energy is required for running machinery in industries, for lighting in our house, for running of various household products, and for powering the auto mobiles. The consumption and demand of energy has been increased with the industrial development and growth of population but unfortunately the production of energy has not increased to that extend.

    Supply of energy is, therefore for less than the actual demand. The result of it is crisis. So, energy crisis can be defined as “any great bottle neck (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy”

    Pakistan’s energy sector is in fact underdeveloped and badly managed. Our country has been facing severe energy crisis now a days. Rapidly increasing demand has not been fulfilled due to outdated infrastructure, lack of planning and mishandling of resources. It has affected the seasonal availability of energy which has worsened the situation.

    Consequently, the demand exceeds supply so load shedding has become common phenomenon due to power shortfall.

    Pakistan is rich in resources that can be used in the production of energy. These resources include both renewable and non renewable Energy Crisis in Pakistan resources. The non renewable resources are gas, coal, petroleum products and etc. the most important of renewable resources is hydro power. There are other resources as well for example wind, solar energy, agriculture biomass, tidal power, nuclear etc. but still this country is facing worst kind of energy crisis.

    It is high time to develop a rational energy planning giving greater dependency on the use of our own resources to avoid the ultimate collapse of our industry. The energy crisis has been directly influencing the economy of the country. It is hampering the agricultural productivity as well as halting in operations of industries. The increasing rate of inflection of commodity prices is attributed to the short fall of energy supply. The closure of factors and less agricultural productivity has caused the job opportunities. Consequently, unemployment is more and people are becoming poor to poorer. The short fall has affected the domestic usage.

    In a nut shell, energy crisis has plagued, more or less, all sectors of Pakistan’s economy ranging from agriculture to industry, inflation to poverty, domestic to social life. However, the problem of energy crisis can only be resolved by government by making effective polices and its proactive implementation.

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