Problems and Importance of Agriculture Sector in Pakistan

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    Detail of importance and problem faced by Agriculture Sector in Pakistan are described here. Every country has a vast land for agriculture. But few countries are able to use the agriculture land. Economy of developed countries depends on agriculture and industries. Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture is backbone of Pakistan. Agriculture is very important for Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy largely depends on agriculture. Its total area is 7, 96,096 square kilometers. In our country 70 % of total population which directly and indirectly connected with agriculture. In Pakistan the best area for agriculture is Punjab. Its soil is very fertile and water system is very fine for agriculture. There are two seasons for growing crops in Pakistan. In Punjab there are two main crops Rabi crops and Kharif crops. At One time one crop is growing in a season. In Arabic the term of Rabi mean “spring”. Rabi crops seasons is the winter seasons. The Rabi crops are grown in the month of November to April. Rabi crops sowing are done in November and harvesting is done in April. The main Rabi crops are tobaccos, rapeseed, wheat and barley. Kharif crops seasons is the summer seasons. It is also called monsoon crops. The Kharif crops are grown in the month of April to October. Kharif crops sowing are done in end of April and harvesting is done in October. The main Kharif crops are cotton, sugarcane and rice.


    Pakistan’s have huge natural resources like land and water etc. The objectives of Pakistan have to use these resources in agriculture field and made double agriculture production in future. The advantages of this achievement not for self-sufficed of our country and Pakistan generate millions in the export of vegetables, fruits, cotton and sugar in other countries.

    On the other prospective there are many issues and difficulties faced in the agricultural field like lake of advance technology, limited facilities for formers, lake of development infrastructure of rural areas and huge loss of livestock of crops. If these issues will be tackled to required attention and large investment for contribute the development of the country.

    Pakistan’s agriculture economy can made most effective and bring stability in the country. Government takes serious action to improve the quantity and quality of crops. Pakistan’s government takes quick action and makes new strategies to save from the natural disasters which have good impact of economy of Pakistan. So that Pakistan earns more and more in the field of agriculture and competes with other countries.

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