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Best Gents Tailor in Lahore for Mens Shalwar Kameez Suit

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    A perfect stitching is one key factor in the preparation of an ideal outfit. For this purpose tailor matter a lot, because they are the engineer of your dress. The list below this paragraph is of best gents tailor in Lahore that is specialist for mens shalwar kameez and Suit. They are not the new name of this city, one will easily find their location.  From stylish to simple, they will provide every type of tailoring services. Their work perfection is clear from their stitching items, which are accessible from their outlets. Just keep one thing in mind that one will need to wait for 15 or 20 days for the completion of the outfit. So patience is really important for you. Firstly check out the list of

    Best Gents Shalwar Kameez Tailor in Lahore:

    One will not forget these three names in this city for Salwar Kameez tailoring…

    • Dandy:

    Address: One of the outlets, has situated near ALLAH HO chock or Shock chock and main is at 83 Mall Rd

    • Outre Fashion

    Address: One will find its main shop in Liberty Market Lahore

    • and Shafiq Sons Tailors( Its situated at 2 Lawrence Road, Lahore)

    Apart from them

    • Diamond Tailors( Shop is situated at Defence Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard)
    • Farooq Sons( In Liberty Market)

    While Anwar Tailors and (Stitcher Tailors in Gulberg) are providing the best type of services for you:

    Best Mens Suit Tailor in Lahore:

    • In this Dandy Designs( Address is mention in above part of this article)
    • The Lawrencepur Man

    Shop: Situated in Gulberg Galleria, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III

    • And Rici Melion( at M. M. Alam Road ) is the name that is situating at top of this list

    While other good names of this city are

    • Outre Fashion( Address is mention in above part)
    • Zafar Sons( Their shop is in Main Market, Gulberg II)
    • And Ishaq Sons

    Best Gents Tailor in Lahore for Mens Shalwar Kameez Suit

    for the shops name

    Most of these are charging 1300 to 1500 rupees for simple Shalwar Kameez, further one will need to pay extra charges for additional work. Meanwhile stitching charges for men’s suit is different. So to make an idea about the rates, just visit their shop.

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