Unemployment Problem In Pakistan

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    Unemployment is the serious problem not only for our country but also for the advanced countries. The number of educated as well as uneducated employed people is increasing every year. In our country, we find increasing rate of unemployment in different fields. Thousands of B.As and M.As are idle as they cannot get even the jobs of clerks, ordinary office workers and teachers. In Pakistan, we find hundreds of thousands of unemployed labourers and farm workers in the villages. The use of tractors and other machines on farms has made a number of villagers life idle. In the cities, we find many thousands of unemployed labourers and skilled workers. These people do manual work and generally earn daily wages. They are often unemployed for days and weeks together. Now we would like to discuss the main causes of unemployment. The main causes are as follows:

    Unemployment Problem In Pakistan

    Unemployment Problem In Pakistan 001

    1. Firstly, the population of our country is rising fast. Our population is increasing by a few lac each year becomes difficult to meet the needs of all the additional people.
    2. The slow economic and scientific progress is considered to be the greatest cause of unemployment. Because of slow industrial development there are not very many large factories and industrial sectors where labourers, skilled workers and fresh graduates can get employed.
    3. When machines are used on farms in villages, many labourers and farmers become idle. Quite a few of them come to the cities and the problem of unemployment here becomes much more serious.

    Now the question is that what are the solutions of unemployment. We will discuss few solutions of unemployment problem.

    1. The government should open new factories and industries at many places. Unemployed labourers and skilled workers will be able to work there. There should be more offices, scientific research centres, schools and colleges where our educated young men and women can work.
    2. Industries should be expand for giving more work to the large number of people. Big landlords should cultivate more of their lands to provide work to unemployed farmers. Increased industrial and agriculture production will cause an increase in the exports and trade of the country. A large number of unemployed people will get busy with trade and export.

    Unemployed should be reduced to the minimum level. It is necessary for the progress and prosperity of every nation. So this problem in Pakistan should be solve as soon as possible before it creates other problems.

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