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    From quality to the finishing and life, Faisal sanitary is a big name who maintains their standards from years. While, the main items in Faisal Sanitary price list 2024 are the bathroom and shower set. Moreover, there are hundreds of accessories and single products that are made by this brand.  So, one will purchase any of single piece from them too. Although, their rates are also affected in the current time of crisis but they never compromise on brilliance. Another plus point of their service is that they have a strong network of dealers or shop in about every city. Apart from this, one will get any of their sanitary stuff from many of local shops too.

    Faisal Sanitary Price List 2024:

    We tried to get a copy of Faisal Sanitary price list 2024 because through this, one will compile long list of rate in short form. As well as, buyer will even get the small product price through this list too.

    Faisal Sanitary Bath Set Number Approx. Price
    1407 Number 44,000 Rupees
    1707 40,200
    6507 21,950
    2707 32,500
    6501 43,000
    2807 25,000
    4607 Grace 50,000

    As, we will take the whole list, then surely will upload for the users. Till that time, if you are concerned about the complete set price, then this is here.

    All of these sanitary rates are approximate.

    Faisal Bathroom Set Price in Pakistan:

    For the complete set of bathroom accessories, their are many of the shapes and style offered by the Faisal sanitary bath set. Again a key rates difference is observed on the bases of one style to another.

    Faisal Sanitary Lever Bath Set Price 23,500 Rupees
    Faisal Quarter Round Bathroom Set Price 30,000 Rupees
    Faisal Sanitary Round Bath Set Price 19,400 Rupees

    “More On Set Number Bases”

    Bath Set Number Price (Approx.)
    2507 23,000 Rupees
    6707 34,000
    6007 20,000
    1307 24,000
    1007 41,000
    807 32,000
    • Few other Bathroom Accessories price is:
    Faisal Sanitary Bathroom Accessories Type Approx. Price
    Sink Mixer 2950
    Muslim Shower 1660
    Basin Mixer 2900
    Brush Holder 710
    Soap Dish 590
    Towel Ring 580
    Cosmetic Glass Shelf 690
    Towel Rail 1400
    Paper Holder 590
    Basin Waste 640
    Double Bibcock 1640

    After this, the other demanded is:

    Faisal Sanitary Shower Set Price in Pakistan:

    This is one of the regular used products that must be good for a good bath. So, it must be good and the Faisal Sanitary shower set is good in looks and use too. Maybe, one will get a cheaper shower set then this one, but they are far behind in usage.

    • Complete Concealed Set Price: 49,500 Rupees
    • 1402 Number Wall Shower in: 15,000 Rupees
    • 7302 and 7102 Number Wall Shower: 19000 Rupees(Each)

    Note: Plz, call at 055 4271244 that is the number of their main office and gather the Faisal Sanitary Shower set price or one can go to shop to collect the rates.

    • 055 4271245


    • 055 4271246 are also their number. And they will surely assist you in all aspects.

    list of the rates

    Faisal Sanitary Dealers:

    The hub or basic city from where Faisal Sanitary belongs is Gujranwala. But, they aimed to spread them in whole country through proper channel and for this their dealership is open now. One will also apply online to be a formal part of this company. If you will fulfill their need, they will allow you for it.

    In the recent fluctuation of Faisal Sanitary price list 2024, the best is to collect rate at time of purchasing. In this uncertain time, everyday things are rapidly changed and this will expect for few more month too. And all of you also understand it.

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