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    Starts from its prospects in Islam: In Quran-e-Pak, the importance of cleanliness is highlighted by several verses. Moreover, its importance can be seen in various Ahadith. So Islam has laid great emphasis on cleanliness and it is placed among great privileges of Islam. Basically it is divided into two major categories i.e. spiritual and physical. In term of Spiritual its means that the persons mind, soul and heart is clean and pure. This he must be clean from inside which is the main objective of Islam. In addition, a person should also free from hypocrisy, polytheism, ill manner, love of fame, and love of wealth and from other useless desires.

    On the other hand, physical cleanliness is again categorized into two types. One is concerned with the body of the human. Personal cleanliness is another term for physical one. It is necessary for Muslims to stay clean, keep his body parts neat and germ free and should clean their genitals properly after excretions. It also includes cleaned clothes because a Muslim is not allowed to offer pray until his body and cloths are clean. Body is also somewhat related to the health. A person many suffer from contagious diseases and in this case he might lose his health.

    And the other physical one is concerned with the surroundings. A person should keep his environment neat. It includes of house, society, educational institutes and all the places that is nearby to him. It is also believed that there is a great connection between the personal and surrounding cleanliness. If a person is self dirty than his surrounding environment is filthy and dirty but is a person is clean by nature than his surrounding will obviously neat and cleans. A person should keep in mind that these days many fatal diseases are caused by polluted environment.

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    It’s also brings charm in his own life. A tidy person will be respected by everyone in the society, people will like to talk and share ideas whereas can’t easily indulge into the society. He will lose his respect in people’s eye. So, cleanliness is very important in every term rather it is spiritual or physical and it is the duty of a person to follow the teachings of Islam to have an active life. Like society of Pakistan needs this improvement in both ways, but this will happen with a mutual contribution. So full fill your own responsibility and makes all things perfect.

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