Best Qmobile Phones Under Rs 15000 Price in Pakistan

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    Technology is improving day by day and covering the world in its arms continuously and speedily. Scientists are constantly working on enhancement of the technology every time. Sometime it seems in form of cell phone, smart phone, laptops, 3D monitors and TV, iPod, Tablet and many more. But one thing to be noted is that, the working on technology especially for the means of communications are being improving too much. Touch sensitive Cell phones, tablets and Laptops are available in market and still more improvements are going to be made by the scientists in this field. There are many well known companies manufacturing the products and introducing there items in market and getting a worthy amount. Pakistan is a third world country; we are fighting the war against corruption, down economy. But there are large number of amount people who can afford the price and buying the products and enjoying its facilities and applications.

    Best Qmobile Phones Under Rs 15000 Price in Pakistan

    Best Qmobile Phones

    • Here we are talking about one of the leading brand now in Pakistan Q-Mobile. Q-Mobile makes it market very much successfully in Pakistan, now it is running against Nokia, Samsung and many other top brands and making its way so clearly in the market. Due to its Quality and affordability, it is one of the successful brands in Pakistan; People love to buy it in its particular range.

    Let us discuss some models under the range of 15000 manufactured by Q-Mobile.

    Q-Mobile Noir A70                  13400
    Q-Mobile Noir A60                 12900
    Q-Mobile Noir A50                 11300
    Q-Mobile Noir A7                 10800
    Q-Mobile Noir A5                 10300
    Q-Mobile Noir A6                 11800
    Q-Mobile Noir A11                 14900
    Q-Mobile A6                     10400
    Q-Mobile Noir A8                 14500
    Q-Mobile A5                     10200
    Q -Mobile X1                     10200
    Q–Mobile M55                15000
    Q–Mobile P4 – drop sensor             15000
    Q–Mobile F368                 15000

    Above mentioned rates are of different sets manufactured by Q-mobile. There is a wide range of mobile phones in Q-Mobile less than 5Thousands and a large amount of people purchasing it and enjoying its application in very cheap rates. Company making more superior products and enhancing feature to attract the customer

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