How To Use TimePey?

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    There are many people that are always troubled with the question that how to use TimePey. This has been one of the top finest and well known services that have been just freshly highlighted by Zong in collaboration with Askari Bank. It has been all connected with the financial and banking system for paying bills, sending and receiving money from any hook and corner of Pakistan. In this article we will be offering the helping hand to all the readers by making them aware from the method of using the TimePey service.

    How To Use TimePey?

    How To Use TimePay 001


    • If the customer wants to send the money to some other person he is required to show his or her real CNIC copy to the TimePey shop owner.
    • They are also requiring submitting their CNIC photocopy to the shop owner as well.
    • Now the sender will give the receiver CNIC number, mobile number and his own mobile number.
    • At the end the sender will be given four digit codes that will also be exchanged with the receiver as well. This confirmation will be given to both sender and receiver through message.


    • If the customer has been receiving money from TimePey they should firstly show their CNIC number and four digit code.
    • As the confirmation will be affirmed the receiver will be given the amount.
    • The receiver is also supposed to submit the photocopy of CNIC to the TimePey show owner as well.


    • For sending the money on account the sender is required to submit the photocopy of his mobile number and mobile number of both sender and receiver.
    • The mobile number of the receiver will be actually the account number of TimePey account holder.
    • Both the sender and receiver will be confirmed about the money through message.
    • The money can be collected from any branch of Askari Bank or TimePey center.

    Well this service can even be freely utilized for paying the bills as well. We are sure that through this article we would have give enough information about the TimePey methods of sending and receiving money and even sending money through account as well. Just make your mind alert with all such steps and we are hundred percent sure that you will never feel hesitate in going on TimePey centers at any stage.

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