PTCL Reconnect Offer 2022

After mid of year, PTCL Reconnect Offer 2022 has kept a attractive gift. Yes, PTCL set an standard of supplying the good net services. They offered much for their customers in relation with the evo chargi or wingle devices and even for the landline related offers as well. For now, PTCL latest reconnect offer is for all those customers whose internet has been disconnected because of the any type of issue like non-payments or somewhat else. They clearly specified this gift for such customer’s whose connection has not been in use from their allocated year.

PTCL Charji Reconnect Offer 2022:

  • Through this very attractive PTCL Reconnect Offer 2022, the reconnector will get free 2GB internet volume for first 15 days. Oh, such a decent time to review the speed and other issues that force to left this network.

Well this would probably be the best and interesting offer that has ever revealed by PTCL. Via this reconnect offer, the customers can get back with their previous numbers without paying their previous bills. In this way they can even utilize the free internet bundle.

The advertisement of this offer was opened in July and has already grabbed the users back. Well one more time PTCL has proved that they are just working for their customers through fair and honest system and this offer is one of its finest examples.

PTCL Evo Wingle Reconnect Offer 2022:

  • By reconnecting your evo wingle the customers will get 2GB for the trial.
  • After availing this specified offer, its important for customers to utilize it in the period of 15 days.
  • All those who will reconnect their numbers after Dec 2013 they will not be sufficient for this offer. So, plz make sure this thing too.
  • PTCL assure that their customers will get back with their old numbers without getting any new number.

a current option of ptcl

Finally, we advise all the PTCL customers that just stop reading this text and just focus on PTCL reconnect offer 2022 before this will end or expire. There are very few of times that such type of free options are offered by them. Thank u with the wish that your experience will great.

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