There are so many people who want to learn that how they can get closer with the Nadra Nicop tracking ID verification easily! It is not at all difficult to verify it as you just need to keep the mind alert with some important steps and guidelines! Today many people are in need to get closer with the tracking ID verification status check. It is to be stated that as we all know that NADRA is named up to be the best and reputable CNIC authorities in Pakistan. They have set up with the offices in almost all the major cities of Pakistan. Men and women are allowed to make the CNIC card as they cross with the age limit of 19. In almost every field no matter whether you are studying, finding jobs, issuing any mobile network sim cards or even applying for the abroad they do demand for your CNIC card for the verification. If you want to get the right of casting vote in the elections then in that case too you must have the CNIC card.


Now the main question is that how can a person check Nadra Nicop tracking ID verification easily! Below we will be discussing this query in easy steps for the readers!

Steps for Verification Status Check:

  • Firstly you have to visit with the main official website of Nadra.
  • It is to be mentioned that you can check with the ID verification as by the way of the name search and even by sms. In this way sending the sms will be an effortless task for the checkers.
  • On 7000 sms send the CNIC number to check staus.
  • If you will visit the main webpage then on the main page search box is given away in which you have to type with the form no/ receipt no/ CNIC/ NIC no.
  • In the below option will be given to make the one choice as your card type is POC or NICOP. Just make one choice.
  • After it just click the option “check status”.

So these have been few simple and easy to follow steps by which person can get for the Nadra Nicop tracking ID verification easily! Just follow the steps very carefully to verify the ID card! All the best!