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What to Do in Case of Earthquake at Home Work School

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Without warning, earthquake comes suddenly. Shaking of earth may cause damage, which may leave its affects on the buildings. Building that are not built properly may get collapse resulting a serious destruction. What to do in case of Earthquake and you are at School: When earthquake come during the school time ask the students, don’t get panic be calm, protect yourself. When the students are outside the school like in playing ground as them to stay away from windows, glass, outside walls and doors and from everything that might fall such as from ceiling fans, hanging flower pots and from heavy mirrors and frames and bulletin boards. Moreover, try to stay away from other breakable objects or glasses that are placed on open or high shelves. When they in classroom ask them to go under the desk or study table and do the “DUCK, COVER and HOLD”.

    At Home: If you are at home or you are inside, stay inside and don’t forget to get inside the table tightly hold and try to stay away from the nearest wall. Keep yourself away from heavy furniture, glass wall, appliances and fireplaces. During the earthquake kitchen is considered as the most dangerous area of the house, so if you are in the kitchen try to move outside as early as possible and quickly turn the stove off. And don’t stand in an entrance; there are many portions of the house that are stronger than the doorways. If you are in your bedroom, stay there and hold you bed tightly and cover your head with any fabric, don’t use the elevators at that time.


    What to Do in Case of Earthquake if one is at Work: When you are in the workplace, choose the “safe place”. This can be anything like desk, table and don’t go near the bookshelves, cabinets and then drop and cover your head and hold the safe place. Wait in the safe place until the shaking of earthquake get stopped. If you want to leave the building then use the stairs not any lift and elevator. If you are outside from your workplace then it is good to stay outside and stay away from tall buildings, street lights, power lines and from trees. Street lights, trees, tall buildings might fall may results in serious damage and destruction. And if your workplace building is in a very bad condition like there are a number of cracks and it becomes very old then leave the building as soon as possible. By taking these safety precautions you can protect yourself from serious injury.

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