Warid Double Number Offer for Postpaid and Prepaid Users announced

Now Warid remove the problem of carrying two mobile phones. Because Warid Double Number Offer for Postpaid and Prepaid Users announced. Through this you can get facility to use two numbers on one sim card. Warid always try to facilitate their customers, they always step forward in order to take those steps that are beneficial for their users. A lot of customers use two sim, one for business and other for personal use. Due to this problem of carrying two sets or one set with dual sim is arises. Firstly Warid offer this service for only prepaid users but now after postpaid user’s requirement they announce as well as for postpaid. Now all type of users get benefit from this offer. Here we explain total procedure of its activation with charges description and other important information. So stay on this page and get advantage from it.

Officials declare this offer before they merge with another top net work. Now through customers can get more advantage from it.

Warid Double Number Offer for Postpaid and Prepaid Users announced

Note: Sim shape is same like previous one.

A complete process Double Number Offer of Warid for Postpaid and Prepaid Users is here..

Through this process one can get info about each and every thing about this special kind of service.


Almost same charges will detect for both types of users. If one activate it for one week then Rs : 7 will detect. While in order to activate it for one month subscription charges will become 28 rupees.

For prepaid call and SMS charges are given as:

  • Per minute call charges will detect 1.6. RS
  • Per SMS charges will detect as 0.5 RS

For postpaid call and SMS charges are given as:

  • Call charges will detect as per customer’s tariff plan
  • Per SMS will be charged as Rs.0.50+tax


After getting double sim you must dial 33 before the mobile number at which you wanted to call or send sms. Just like if you wanted to call at 03214144303 then dialing it by add 3303214144303. Then receiver will find your secondary double sim number on his screen. While to call from primary phone number same procedure will repeat. Double number can be turned off or on at any time. This procedure will remain same for Postpaid as well as for Prepaid Users.

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