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    Are you searching for lovely Mehndi card designs? Well if you are still on the search mission then just stop it right now because in this article we will share few amazing facts about Mehndi card designs for bride and groom. Most of the people have notion that guest never give away much attention at the invitation cards therefore they often kept it as simple and plain. But that’s not true at all! Invitation Cards give the reflection that in which manner and surroundings the wedding will be conducted. If the cards are simple and not much attractive then many people don’t even think about attending the wedding because they think that when cads are so boring then obviously the wedding will be also be extra bored.

    Mehndi Card Designs

    Mehndi Card Designs 005

    As we are talking about the Mehndi card designs then they should be kept as much colorful as possible. In this article we will be share thrilling pictures of Mehndi card designs. In all such pictures you will see that the cards are normally revolving with the brighter and multi-colored shades. As the yellow color identifies the event of Mehndi therefore make sure that the cards should also be accompanied with such color schemes.

    In addition, there are many people that even give away the presents as well along with the cards. In the past the inviters used to give away sweets along with the Mehndi cards but now the trend ahs been completely changed. If the Mehndi function is for the girl then she should make the choice of giving box of chocolates for the invited guest.

    On the other side, if the groom is having the Mehndi function then he can get alternated with the bottle of wine as well. There are many other such small things that have to get added in the Mehndi cards. Apart from all such, sometimes the decoration of the cards also matters a lot. If in case the cards have been set as simple and plain then just make sure that they have been beautified with some lace work and beads all over the card.

    We hope that all those girls who are going to celebrate the eve of Mehndi they will definitely keep their minds alert from all such guidelines. By the end of the day we are sure that these Mehndi card designs will always be the part of your memorable and special wedding functions for sure.

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