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    Warid is purely the Package of Corporate World so far as per Market worth of Warid Postpaid build in the Market. Warid is choice of those who don’t want to take any risk in connectivity as well as stay connected with other activities so far. Like if you want to get in touch with Bill Payment activities,Direct debit Billing and many other facilities through one activity. E-bill Facility. This network also gives you up to 40% savings on Call rates and many others advantages. Friends and Family On-Net Calls on Weekend.

    Warid Telecom is a joint Venture between Abu Dhabi Group as well as SingTel Group. Abu Dhabi Group entered into a strategic alliance with Singapore Telecom. All the Technology,Resources as well as all Human Factor was exported from that country so far. This Partnership is part of a strategy so that its growth can be enhanced the growth of this Venture in no time. We all are viewers that we see how speedy Warid Telecom starts its growth and reach at maturity level with minimum utilization of resources.Now after getting a Success in growth its focusing upon retention of its Customers and Customer also wants to get attach with such network which provides integrated activities.Many services actually become needs for the customer to get them through one platform.

    Warid Postpaid Packages

    Warid Postpaid Packages

    Terms & Conditions:

    1.     19.5% Federal Excise Duty on usage & 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.
    2.     Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion
    3.     FnF include 5 On-Net Numbers (Warid to Warid)
    4.     Postpaid tariff rates are applicable on 30 seconds billing pulse.
    5.     MMS is charged both for receiving and sending
    6.     MMS unit is a message of size 100kb off-net and 300kb on-net
    7.     Mobile Internet unit is per 64KB
    8.     For Postpaid connection‚ please make sure that you submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your NIC (along with a copy of 3 paid utility bills in case the NIC address does not match the billing address)
    9.     Zoom Unlimited SMS offer is applicable for a subscription of Rs.210 + tax for 7500 SMS/MMS per month
    10.     Weekend rates are from 12:00 AM (Sat) to 11:59 PM (Sun)
    11.     All calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes.

    Warid Mobile E-mail Solution allows mobile users to access communications and information wirelessly, including:

    • Warid Mobile Email Corporate Account
      (Get one corporate and one internet email account with free unlimited GPRS browsing)
    ( Rs. 1200 per month)
    • Warid Mobile Email Internet Account
      (Get one personal email account with free unlimited GPRS browsing i.e Gmail, Yahoo, ISP account etc)
    (Rs. 750 per month)

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