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    With a new approach, Witribe Packages 2024 has revised that has many internet bundle options. Now, some new plans have been covered in these new proposals. In meantime, LTE-A 4.5G technology delivers awesome net speed to all valuable people who connect with them. Moreover, these offers have been all surrounded by affordable and reasonable rates that would allow the customers to get connected with the internet world and download and get online with as many websites. This whole thrilling bunch of the internet has been categorized into 4.5G tech Packages, which are further divided into two categories. Surely, this time one will observe a major difference in the services of this company.


    Their services was discontinued from last year. Now, again Witribe formal website is working that gave signals that they again ready to start their operation. Further issues are certainly not clear at the moment that they resume or wait more.

    Witribe Packages 2024:

    Let’s set the content with LTE-A 4.5G Speeds of Witribe internet packages 2024, because of advanced technology one will get better speed in these bundles.

    Basic Packages:

    Speed Volume Price
    2Mbps 50GB 1,099 Rupees
    3Mbps 50GB 1,249 Rupees
    5Mbps 100GB 1,499 Rupees
    7Mbp 200GB 1,999 Rupees

    Truly Unlimited

    Speed Volume
    2Mbps 4Mbps 12 AM to 12 PM 1,399 Rupees
    3Mbps 6Mbps 12 AM to 12 PM 1,599 Rupees
    5Mbps 10Mbps 12 AM to 12 PM 1,799 Rupees
    7Mbps 14Mbps 12 AM to 12 PM 2,299 Rupees

    Witribe Unlimited Internet Packages 2024:

    • Last for those who want better and faster than this one they have also the option of Witribe unlimited internet packages 2024. They are unbeatable in the areas where they worked well.
    Speed Price Volume
    10Mbps 2,849 Rupees Unlimited
    12Mbps 3,599 Rupees Unlimited
    15Mbps 5,099 Rupees Unlimited
    20Mbps 6,999 Rupees Unlimited

    Main Points OF WI TRIBE Internet Package:

    The chart reflects that every of the offer has differentiated with speed. The next points or changings are:

    • This time company has ended up with the concept of student or business offers.
    • These internet policy speeds will be utilized within one whole month.

    If you are new on the WI Tribe customer list then you have to pay the security rates and activation charges before getting connected to the internet. But as mentioned earlier that now some discount has offered.

    a latest internet one

    • Witribe Packages Activation Charges: Originally, 10,000 Rupees are the activation charges. But now there is a discount offer live, through which these charges are reduced to 3,000 Rupees but this is for a very limited time. Importantly,  rates are also going down this year, which is very happy news for customers.

    Well, we hope that all those Wi-Tribe customers who are still unaware of some of these Witribe packages 2024 of the internet will surely get activated with them now and take pleasure from the constant whole month unlimited browsing that is just amazing.

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