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    A Juma Tul Wida is always an important day for all Muslim. They all believe that prayers on this day have greater importance then other days. So according to this aspect all Muslims also prefer to send Juma Tul Wida SMS, Quotes and Wishes between each other. This is the sign of sharing well wishes for each other at this precious day. Moving to another Holly month that comes time in a year is only Ramadan so when this day and month comes together then it gains greater importance. Majority of Muslims goes to Masjid to offer Juma prayer with strong believe that their prayers must accepted. So after this a well wishes session starts exchanging. For this as in this improved technology time Quotes are best way to send through SMS. These quotes are basically written in such a way that you transfer your best feelings towards your related person in best way. The collection in below images must full fill this requirement, one can write any of this Quotes and send these best wishes through SMS on this Holly Juma Tul Wida Friday in this Ramadan.

    juma juma juma

    Although sending your best wishes through sms in form of quotes is best way to express you feeling on Juma Tul Wida. While as Pakistan is suffer from internal problems its necessary that whole nation must together to face these circumstances. Its a prayer of whole nation that upcoming days come with change and this all happens when we exchnage love as well follow Islam. Further these quotes are on images so in order to send them through SMS its important that one write them manually. Further Mubarak this day with best wishes to all Muslim community in whole world. Especially in Ramzan as everyone needs prayer and best wishes and this is best for this purpose.

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    1. Nouman says:

      I Hope with best wishes for all Muslims of the world

    2. Nouman says:

      We should pray for peace in the world for all religion persons because we are muslims. The message of Our prophet (PBUH)that fisrt of all lookafter human being.

    3. Nouman Gurgaij says:

      Happy Juma Tul Wida for all Muslims and Juma tul Wida Mubarak to all our Islami brother of the World

    4. haseeb says:

      best wishes to all muslims and with out muslim this world doesnt exit BE UNITED**

    5. usman says:

      happy juma tul mubarik to all muslim

    6. Misbah says:

      JUMMATUL WIDA mubarak May ALLAH bless all the muslimx and protect us from all the miseries happenend in our lifes
      eid mubarak to all of u:)

    7. wahab shah says:


    8. Afreen says:

      juma tul wida mubarak.Aye Allaj dunya k tamam musalmano ko apnii salamati me lelay.Ameen

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