9th Class Math Guess Paper 2015 Gujranwala Board Science, Arts Group

Students of 9th class can check Math Guess Paper 9th class Gujranwala Board 2015 Science, Arts Group for evening and morning times from this page before start of annual examination. These guess papers are prepared under the super vision of experts so hopefully a part of this will give in final paper. The trend of using Guess papers is so common among the students. 90 % students believe on the guess papers because these guess papers help students in selecting best questions which are expecting in exam. From these guess papers we can also take advantage of the time limit of the paper and question marking criteria. These all update here on this page before at evening before a day ago so do your preparation and check your preparation and give final touch to important questions.

Chapter: 1
Exercise No 1.1——– Q3
Exercise No 1.2——-Q5
Exercise No 1.3—–Q8
Exercise No 1.4

Chapter: 5

Exercise NO: 5.1——Q1 part(2,5) Q3 PART(1,2), Q4 PART(4), Q5 PART(1,5)
Exercise NO: 5.2——Q1 PART (1,4) Q6 PART(2,4)
Exercise NO: 5.3——Q2,4,5,9
Exercise NO: 5.4——Q1,5

Chapter: 6

Exercise NO: 6.1——Q1 PART(1) Q2 PART(2,4) Q4 PART(1) Q6 Q7
Exercise NO: 6.2 —–Q6,9,12
Exercise NO: 6.3 —–Q1,Q4

Chapter No 12 —-Therorm No 1,3,4,6
Chapter No 16——Theorm no 1 ,2


Antilog, algebra, exp ploynomial, mantissa, scinetific notation, asosciative property, additive identity, decimal fractions, terminating, irrational numbers, redicals, complex number, real number, transpose of idenitty matrix, skew, symmetric, scalar


Board of intermediate and secondary education Gujranwala also issued guess papers of all subjects and also math subjects for candidates. These helping papers are for all students whether they are from science group or arts group. These helping papers are also for the morning and evening classes.

So here is a chance to get good marks in the final exam of math and all other subjects. For further details for any information regarding education please visit our website. We are the people to give you more and authentic information.

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