Chicken Sticks by Chef Zubaida Apa

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    The topic here discuss is Chicken Sticks by Chef Zubaida Apa. First of all Mix all spices and apply on chicken sticks and leave them for 2 hours.Chicken Sticks by Chef Zubaida ApaThen take a saucepan apply little bit oil in saucepan. When it heated then chicken sticks spread on it on a low flame. When fried one side then side change and fried other side. When fried two sides then flame doing high and add some water on flame. Through this process its smell likes barbi q.

    Serves: 2 people


    • Chicken breast 4(make sticks with heavy knife)
    • Soya sauce 1tbsp
    • Mustered powder 1tsp
    • White pepper 1tsp
    • Black pepper crushed 1tsp
    • White vinegar 1tbsp
    • Salt to taste
    • Sugar or honey 1 tsp
    • Oil 1tbsp

    Zubaida tariq is often called Zubaida Aapa and she was born 4 April 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan. Zubaida tariq is one of the most leading and famous cooking expert in Pakistan. Now current she is living in Karachi. She said that firstly their husband friend’s appropriate her cooking. Kitchen is very important in a women life. In Asian countries people loves tasty food so women always ready to cook new recipes. Women always worry to find out new recipes, so this problem solve different chefs. Especially Zubaida Apa cooking style is simple and easy. She is starting her career as a cooking expert in the age of 50. She doing lots of cooking programs on different channels. Now she is currently doing on Masala TV. She work 8 years in leaver brother today is known as Unilever and then work half year in national food and prepared new spices. She also write few books on cooking and besides cooking she tells different tips to solve house related problems and human body. People like to follow their tips and find good result. She comes in different TV morning shows on their viewers demand for solving their problems. Here we share with you a very tasty recipe Chicken sticks. So you follow this page.

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