Ceiling Design 2018 in Pakistan Roof Pictures for Living Room Bedroom

From last many years, the inclination of the ceiling is quite successful because through this one can alter room in a modern style. Fundamentally, this is an interior decoration that comes over’s the roof. You can choose its structure according to your own taste. This year decorators of Pakistan have done a lot of work on Ceiling design, that why during 2018 one has too numerous possibilities for the living room and bedroom. Some of best pictures are also in the gallery. Now, this roof inclination is common in all over the world. Because it gives a clean finishing look to your roof and after a certain period of time one also has the option to swap old design with someone new. Meanwhile one also has the option to adjust its height. According to a survey high ceiling is the best choice for ballrooms, arenas, cathedrals, and castles but is not looking good in living rooms. In Asian peoples bulk of people like low height possibility.

For example, if you try high option in a small area like bathroom roof. When you use it, then you will feel as you sit in a well. The most common style which people like is the dropped ceiling. Usually, this is used in trade and industrial buildings and you can also do different experiments of extra fittings, ducting along with amazing designs. One can get its designer in every city like Lahore Karachi and Islamabad as well.

 Types of Pictures:

View the detail of all types given below…..

  1. Coffered

This type is commonly used for the decoration and the basic strength of the roof. So this is ideal for those ones, who like exceptional decoration. So its sunken panels make things possible for you.

latest style

  1. Stretch

This is the greatest selection for productive designing because this sample is very flexible and consists of stretched material. Designers have easily molded it in different beautiful designs.

new design

  1. Hollow-Core slab

Usually, this one is used for double story homes because it’s very lightweight and easy to adjustable.

new style

This is one of the good options because one can make easily changing it. Meanwhile one can easily add things to it.

Ceiling Design 2018 in Pakistan Roof Pictures

  1. Dropped

This is generally used for trade and business homes because it has an ability to fit firmly, ducting along with amazing designs.

latest design

  1. Beam

The persons who like traditional thing and unique art than they choose beam style of ceiling. Because it packed with supporting beams which often use for showing inside of your house.

new design

  1. Vermiculite

This is also known as popcorn which was very popular few year ago. This type of ceiling has an ability to grasp sound and fire.

latest design

  1. Ceiling joists and beams

This type makes with different beautiful joints and bearers which give your house extra strength along with stability.

 new design

If someone wants to renovate their house, in a new style than they could choose ceiling style according to the new trends, so it depends on your choice of all above types. With additional, it’s also has one more benefit that it hide cracks and other dirty things.

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