Ramadan Calendar 2016 Karachi Lahore Rawalpindi Schedule Sehri Iftar Time

This is the fourth pillar of Islam, in this religion Allah has ordered Muslims to keep fast (Roza) during entire days of Ramadan according to calendar. In Pakistan now as schedule of this holly month is come for 2016, so according to this for all cities include  Karachi Lahore and Rawalpindi Sehri and Iftar time table is necessary for all those who aim to fasting. This month is full of blessing and bright for the Muslims. This month is based on 29 or 30 days month. Every time its beginning date change and its come ten to eleven days before every year with respect to the moon. It’s a time to fasting for Muslims residing worldwide. Through out these days all people related to this religion in the world abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, participating unnecessary events and activities from dawn to the sunsets.

These are some rules that are necessary to follow, not only to abstain from eating and drinking but also other devils works. In this month of parts of body restrained, likes tongue must be restrained from gossip and backbiting, eyes must restrain themselves looking at bad things, hands also must not takes anything bad and ears cannot listening the bad words and songs. Basically this will educate the Muslims in humility, spiritually, self-restraint and patience.

Time Table

Ramadan schedule table

There is little difference between the schedule of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi for both Sehri and Iftar time that is not mention, the above are general timings. It’s the best time to clean the body, soul, removes their sins, pay deep attention on God, self sacrifice and offers prayers. This month is also the best chance to thanking him of Allah blessings and also keeping thinks to alive him for this blessing.

Many of people make charities, donations money, donating cloth, foods arranging dinners for poor people. The Muslims wants to make peace in this month. Now in entire world the peoples belongs to this religion are struggling. Although this all happened because as nation we all are going away from the basic roles of Islam. Now its need that we strictly follow the Ramadan Calendar in 2016 and gives proper timing to prayers. This is the only way that help to take away from this situation. Pray for all nation that again we unite and this religion spread in entire world.

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