Ramadan 2021 Start Date in Pakistan

According to the schedule, Ramzan is near around the world with lots of blessings for all Muslims. That why now the calendar and Ramadan 2021 start date in Pakistan is inquiring now. This month has much importance in Islam because fasting is one of basic pillar of Islam. Moreover, during this month, the Holy Quran was first sent down to the Prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi WaSallam). It is compulsory for every Muslim to fast for this specific time period of 30 days. During the fast time, one cannot eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. Without any minor doubt, Roza is the basic duty of every Muslim; except traveler, elderly, menstruating, pregnant and ill persons.

If you are not able to enough to fast, you must help the poor and give them food. In this whole month, Muslims perform extra prayers in addition to five daily prayers.

Ramadan 2021 Start Date In Pakistan:

  • Most likely, 14 April is the Ramadan 2021 start date in Pakistan.  During these days, all Muslims give charity to the poor and needy people. So that, they also spend this month like other persons and this thing is specially mentioned by the Almighty Allah.

There are many persons who want to know about the Ramadan timings and detailed schedule which is given below. Ramadan Calendar and fasting times are different in each and every area of this world.

Expected Ramadan 2021 Calendar:

the new timetable of Ramzan now

As stated earlier that start date of this 2021 Ramadan is 14 April. Mostly before the ending of Shaban in each country, the moon sighting Committee astronomically decide when will the Ramadan is going to get started in UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and other cities. So get ready to receive a plenty of blessing in this month. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the Namaz schedule strictly. Only once in a year, these 30 days come in a year, so must collect a lot of blessing in this month.

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