Suzuki Alto New Model 2017 Price in Pakistan 800CC 1000CC

This is a automobile that gives you option of both big and small car. Like from its interior and comfort drive; its look like luxury one, mean while from its outer shape and price its a good budgeted vehicle. Surely this discussion is about new model of Suzuki Alto. Both option 800CC and 1000CC are come with little bit more price in Pakistan during 2017. This is complete package that provide best option for a family. Note: Its important to clear that this is not Pakistani manufactured because locally Alto production is close couple of years ago. This Japanese Assembled model is not import in Pakistan. It also interesting to know that after closing of local manufacturing market value of this Japanese model remains same.

Dissimilarity B/T Local Model from Imported

  • Outer look is major disparity among them. Manufacturing from Japanese is totally dissimilar from local.
  • Second Interior is also different, this imported model has large room that must enhance the comfort of passengers.
  • Not last but major one is its engine. Local model is of 1000 cc.While now their is two option of 800CC 1000CC are ins this new model of Suzuki Alto 2017.
  • Last no doubt their is also price difference between them that mention in below post.



As above mentioned that this new model is having latest technology parts that are increasing its speed and power.



Last local model Alto is priced 700,000 Rupees. But now Japanese Import new model of Suzuki Alto price is bit more than this range in 2017. This will again different according to engine power given as:

  • 880CC: Range in between 9 Lac to 11 Lac
  • 1000CC: Its price Varied between 10 Lac to 13 Lac

Note: We also cleared another confusing thing according to its model. There are two things in imported car, one is its import date in Pakistan, their number is authorize according to import year. So registration year does not same as model of car. It is different that also mentioned on its import slip or other documents so must take care of this ting at time of purchasing. Surely one will enjoy its ride so with out any tension choose your right color.

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