Toyota 4runner 2017 Price in Pakistan Specs

Have you been in seek to be aware about some major information behind Toyota 4runner review? If sure, then you have actually reached at the right destination. Indeed we will be having a detail discussion about specs and price behind this latest model of Toyota vehicle in Pakistan. This special 2017 4runner has made itself coming out to be one of the main attractions inside the vehicle market places in this year. In just the least time period, this automobile turns out to be the latest and yet the controversial front-end styling update. This vehicle has been inducted with the access of the LED tail lights all along with the coverage of the interior revisions. This has for sure made itself come across with the brilliant traditional SUV. In its range this is an UN match able vehicle.

This is for the understanding of users that in this country number of riders mix it up with the Toyota Hilux surf. No doubt its has a resemblance with Hilux Pickup, but actually its not same vehicle. If we talk about its traditional body-on-frame, then it is seen that it is installed with the midsize SUV and is too associated with the Tacoma midsize truck as well as some of its features are linked with the global Land Cruiser Prado.

toyota 4runner pictures

  • Different Attractive Colors:

Approximate Price According to Different Models:


  • 3511000


  • 3811000


  • 4511000


  • 4611000

Note: These Prices of its old imported models.

Toyota 4runner Hilux Surf Specs:

This five-passenger seating vehicle that is basically standard. This arrangement has been comprised with the optional third row bringing total capacity to seven.

  • Plus the is often set aside with the SUV that is all offered with the coverage of the rear- or four-wheel-drive configurations.

This has the Crawl Control feature that would help out the driver to maintain the constant speed as in case of the off-road situations.

  • You will also view the access of the standard power train that is (4.0-liter 270 hp V-6) mated straight away with the five-speed automatic transmission.

Lastly the model has been comprised with the optional (KDSS) facilitates for the purpose of driving control and in stability.

Bad Flaws:

  1. This vehicle has third row seat that is just meant for the kids.
  2. This vehicle has the cargo space that is not at all plentiful.

Its latest 2017 model is yet not readily accessible in the marketplaces. So accurate price of Toyota 4runner here in Pakistan is not possible to calculate. You have buy its some last model, but overall this has own style.

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