Population of Pakistan 2016 in Millions and Crores

It is the sad dilemma that population of Pakistan has been increasing day by day, one day we will see that that population of Pakistan 2016 in millions and crores will be witnessed! It is the need of the hour that we should effectively manage the population of Pakistan, we should be making this population as our asset and not our liability. Here we will let you know what can be the population of Pakistan in the year of 2016. It is seen that the usage of contraceptive in Pakistan is much low, that is why the population has been booming day by day.

2016 Population Scenario:

It is seen that the Pakistan’s estimated population in 2014 is 199 million and it is now the world’s sixth-most-populous country, after Brazil and it is also ahead of Nigeria. In 2014, we had the population growth rate stands at 1.49%. The Census in Pakistan, the first census was conducted in 1951, and then later in 1961, 1972, and also in the1981, and 1998. It was seen that the 1971 census was delayed because of the Bangladesh Liberation War and the census of 1998 was delayed because of political issues, the next national census was supposed to be scheduled to take place in the year of 2008 and then later in the year of 2010 but it was again delayed. Now, it is expected that the 6th national population census in Pakistan will sooner be held in March 2016. If we talk about the 2016 population scenario then this population might reached to 250 million or you can say the population of Pakistan 2016 in millions and crores will be seen then!

Why Population Increases In Pakistan:population

It is because of the desire of the male child, no awareness about the contraceptive measures and also lack of recreational activities that has been making the numbers of population of Pakistan to reach to millions and also to crores. We do not have resources yet to accommodate such massive population and because of this giant range of population, we face unemployment, crimes and many other societal issues. Over poverty rate is 56% and it is only because of this booming population that the government has failed to feed all the individuals of its country.

It is the duty for of us to put a full stop to population of Pakistan atleast for some time so that the population of Pakistan 2016 in millions and crores may not reach for sometime! First we have to estimate our resources that whether we can afford to have such massive population.

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