Best Male Fashion Models In Pakistan 2017

This report has based on actual facts that Pakistani fashion industry consist of huge amount of talented model in it. Without any doubt it is flooded with so many talented male models. They look promising, they know how to carry their selves, and they walk with perfection while they are on the ramp. They look hell smart and eye catching.  Talking only about the male models in 2017 that are best in fashion industry of Pakistan, they not only look the handsome of all, but they well know how to face camera, what kind of expressions to give. Here we have short listed some names that are right now rocking. Surely this is great achievement for all of them, because it’s not so easy to get this stage.

Its not an easy to allot them position, because all are best one. Its your choice that which one looks good in your eye.  Let begin from….

  • Jahan-e-Khalid:

He got these candy eyes and much appealing personality. We can call him as an international model because he has carry out few of the endorsements on the international level as well. He is a smart guy. He got this much level of success in this short time period.

  • Athar Amin:

It is due to his piercing eyes that he became much popular. He has worked with many of the fashion many of the top designers. No doubt he is the top name of this local fashion industry. His perfect height must add a extra charm in his personality.

  • Rizwan Jaffri:

Along with an attractive model he is also an actor and also a singer by profession. It was from the serial that he made his acting debut. His album has also launched that get huge fame. He always tries to do justice with his own work.

  • Abdul Mannan:

One can never forget his name, he is very talented individual. Although he has not done too much work in industry, but he is super fit having best body shape.

  • Abdullah Ijaz:

Best Male model in Pakistan Abdullah Ijaz

He is among the high and massively ranked fashion model. He got these decent looks and a personality which is to be admired! He is a heartthrob of Pakistan fashion and modeling sector and all of the girls will agree on this fact. He has worked  with the fashion brands like Gul Ahmed and HSY. He worked wih Faraz Mannan. These days, he is ruling on the fashion industry as well as on the heart of many.

  •  Kashif Deewan:

If you will notice him closely then you will see that he looks like a Hollywood star. Although he never copied him but this resemblance plays a major role to increase his demand. He has by far worked on many projects, and every time gets a lot of appreciation.


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