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Nabila Salon Price List 2024 Bridal Makeup Charges for Karachi Lahore

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    The new Nabila Salon price list 2024 has shown that their bridal makeup charges are in few levels for Karachi or Lahore clients. Comparatively, they charge less amount from other beauty parlors of this level. Even a middle class can easily afford these rates. Furthermore, their beauty treatment, haircut, styling, makeup is of high standard. So, if your wedding time is on the head, then make sure your makeup from this place. Because they know that how to enhance the beauty and what type of hairstyle will suit a face shape.

    This is the biggest day of bride life, that’s why every one of them wants perfect makeup that bestows them a better look.  For this, the selection of parlor is a crucial decision. Probably, this specific salon will prove that its the right choice of their client.

    Nabila Salon Bridal Makeup Charges 2024:

    For Lahore and Karachi Nabila Salon bridal makeup charges 2024 are almost the same. Further, its all depend on the required services that one will want on their big day.

    • Charges Table:
    Level 4 Or Bridal Makeup 50,000 Rupees
    Level 3 Or Bridal makeup 40,000 Rupees
    Level 2 Or Bridal Makeup 30,000 Rupees
    General Signature Makeup Cost More then this in 75,000 Rupees

    Their are two Nabila Salon Bridal Makeup Packages too whose prices are:

    • Luxury One: 22,000 Rupees
    • Classic: 18,000 Rupees

    They also have special services for the “evening makeup” and this also has four level whose charges are:

    • Level 1: 15,000 Rupees
    • Level 2: 20,000 Rupees
    • Level 3: 25,000 Rupees
    • Level 4: 30,000 Rupees

    For the general makeup and other services:

    Nabila Salon Price List 2024:

    • For all other types of makeup, Nabila Salon price list 2024 is very tough to compile that’s properly differentiate for makeup, hair services, etc. Few major:

    Nabila salon Other Services Charges

    Haircut 11,000 Rupees(Level 3), 8000(Level 2) And 5000(Level 1)
    Hair Color 25,000 and 20,000 Rupees (Below Shoulder, Level 3 and 2)

    20,000 and 15,000 Rupees (Above Shoulder, Level 3 and 2)

    Hair Straightening Frizz Free Treatment 30,000 Rupees, 25,000 and 23,000( Below Shoulder as per Level 3, 2 and 1)
    Hair Updo Styling 3,500 Rupees
    Nabila Manicure & Pedicure 4,000 for Hand and 4,000 for Feet in Gold Mask
    Classic Lashes Extension 20,000
    Nail Repair 1,000(Of one nail)

    Nabila salon Karachi Addresses:

    Yet their three beauty parlors are working in this biggest city of Pakistan. Whom; addresses and contact number are given there.

    • Main Branch Clifton:

    Number: 0301-8283211

    • KDA Salon:

    Number: 0303-2222888

    • And second is:

    Number: 0303-2222555

    Moving back to the basic topic that is about the makeup charges then contrast to their services this is really justified. So, plan for a visit of this place.

    the cost of makeup

    Nabila Salons Lahore Addresses:

    10 Q, Ground Floor(Dr.Fatima Mateen Road Entrance) Gullberg  2

    • Number: 0333-4299948

    Apart from this place Natasha Salon Karachi Price List is also good to follow.

    Both Karachi and Lahore Nabila Salon price list 2024 of bridal makeup are very close to each other. Only adding or subtracting of service can create a difference. Hopefully, their services will satisfy you and will attract to visit again too.

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