Fbise Admission Fee 2024 SSC for Class 9, 10 Registration

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    In the registration phase of exams, Fbise admission fee 2024 SSC for Class 9, 10 is notified for the regular and private students. This notification is properly came from the board that has both registration and admission fees. All related guideline that is necessary for exam is also delivering to students through this letter. While, single, double and triple fee is also for those who are being late to submit and pay it on time. Sometime, students mix both of these fees because they paid at same time but they are different. It’s also instructed that schools must upload the other documents with this admission fee proof on the fbise site too. And, same is for the private individual too.

    Fbise Admission Fee 2024 SSC:

    For either SSC part 1 or of part 2, Fbise admission fee 2024 is 2500 Rupees. It must to submit the admission form twice with and without this fee challan. Especially, 9 class fbise admission proceeding needs extra care because there is no chance of reappeal. Other regular fees are:

    For Class 9 Fbise Admission Fee Only, 2500 Rupees and registration charges are its part.
    Class 10 Fbise Admission 2500 Rupees
    • Note: In this fee, 1500 rupees is the registration charges of regular admission but this is only for ssc part 1 or 9th class.

    Dates to Submit these Fees:

    Those who miss the first date to submit this fee has a second chance but this time it’s with double amount. But try to be in decided dates frame.

    • Last Date with Single Fee: 20 Feb 2024
    • Dates for Double Fee: From 21 Feb to till 2 March 2024
    • Third chance with Triple: From 3 March to 13 March 2024
    Double Late Fee 5,000 Rupees
    Triple Late Fee 7,500 Rupees

    Dates are same for the regular or private but fee difference is obvious.

    Fbise Registration Fee for Private Students 2024:

    This is managing differently and 4000 Rupees is the admission and registration fee of Fbise for private students in 2024. After only separating registration then this fee is 1500 Rupees. Again, it’s paid mutually and their stats are:

    Private 9th Fbise Admission + Registration Fee 4000 Rupees
    For Fbise 10th Class 4000 Rupees

    for fee of them

    Late fee is similarly charged from the private too. But, relaxation in the Fbise admission fee 2024 SSC is for those whose parents are no more in this world and the kids of Shaheeds are also in free category. It’s a good gesture from this board and need to spread to others.

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