Ufone Tax Certificate 2021

Now, one will download a report of the Ufone tax certificate 2021 without any difficulty. This is a productive document through which one can check that how much tax you are paying against the phone number and usage. Previously, customers were not well aware of these types of certificates as well as most of the companies had not given access to them too. Now, as everyone is well aware of his usage, so before the users demanded that why some secret charges will apply to it, Ufone decides to the public the entire Tax certificate. Furthermore, one will get it online and also it’s also possible through the Ufone app too.

Ufone Tax Certificate 2021:

The easiest way to get the Ufone tax certificate 2021 is through the app. The installation process of this app is very easy as it’s downable from the Play Store after searching the “My Ufone”.

Through this app, the user will get access to many new options that anyone will not think in the past. As well the Ufone Tax Certificate is there at the 18 number in this app options.

How to get Ufone Tax Certificate Online?

  • After downloading, when one will open this app then it’s necessary to choose one option from Guest and Full Access.

If one will choose the Guest option then you will check only limited detail. But if you selected the Full Access then u got too many options.

  • But after the selection of Full Access, it’s essential to register yourself first. For this, the Sign Up option is available, that one will complete after providing the required information. To know the Usage of your Number

After the completion of Sign up, one will enter the final stage that is Login and one will get its access easily by giving the chosen Username and Pass.

the tax now

After this, the option of the Ufone tax certificate 2021 stands at the 18th spot. Right now, this is only for postpaid users. The prepaid users get the detail of their usage from the online portal of Ufone through the current number and CNIC number.


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