FC College Lahore Fee Structure 2022 for Fsc, Bs hons

Probably, again the FC College Lahore fee structure 2022 is different for every group covering FA FSC ICOM and ICS or even for bs hons. No doubt, college is a place where students learn something useful. At this level, students learn that if they have to be successful in their future then they must have the sense to take learning as their personal responsibility. They must be responsible for their own issues and their own lives. At that level, students know that work is work. But, the institute is more important than any other thing, for this FC Lahore is best.

FC College Lahore Fee Structure 2022:

After a long time struggle now, FC college Lahore fee structure 2022 now exists of all programs like fsc, bs hons programs, graduate, postgraduate, P.hD, and Doctor of Pharmacy program. Further, take and read the complete details of the fee.

The first major structure of fee is for the intermediate and this has further four programs. Their is further bit dissimilarity in the morning and evening fee.  The table will also elaborate the further detail of it too.

FC College Fee Structure for Fsc 2022:

For morning, the fee structure of FC college is approx. 176,000/ Rupees and for the afternoon, the fee is 166,500/ Rupees. Meanwhile, admission, security and other mix dues are charged separately.

Fsc Fee 176,000/ Rupees
Other Groups Fee like for ICS and ICOM Same
FA Fee 159,500/ Rupees

Note: One can pay this amount in three(3) installments that are divided equally. For sure, through this, parents can submit the fee with bit relaxation.

Baccalaureate (Hons) Fee Structure




Semester Tuition Fee Annual Tuition Fee Tuition Fee Per Year (Including tax) Per Credit Rate
BS (Hons) 164,000 329,000 373,500 10,150
BS (Hons) Computer Science 216,000 431,000 478,600 13,250
BS (Hons) Biotechnology 191,500 379,000 426,550 11,600
BS (Hons) Business 246,000 496,000 545,500 15,200
IEAP 116,000 229,000 268,550 N/A



Semester Tuition Fee Annual Tuition Fee Tuition Fee Per Year (Including tax) Per Credit Rate
BS (Hons) 163,000 325,500 341,355 10,000
BS (Hons) Computer Science 213,000 426,000 447,000 13,050
BS (Hons) Biotechnology 186,000 376,500 394,500 11,550
BS (Hons) Business 246,000 495,500 515,000 15,055



Semester Tuition Fee Annual Tuition Fee Tuition Fee Per Year (Including tax) Per Credit Rate
BS (Hons) 153,000 306,500 321,150 9,400
BS (Hons) Computer Science 196,000 396,500 415,650 12,245
BS (Hons) Biotechnology 175,500 356,400 373,550 10,950
BS (Hons) Business 231,500 461,500 483,650 14,200



Semester Tuition Fee Annual Tuition Fee Tuition Fee Per Year (Including tax) Per Credit Rate
BS (Hons) 148,000 294,500 309,550 90,50
BS (Hons) Computer Science 186,200 371,400 389,600 11,460
BS (Hons) Biotechnology 173,400 346,400 363,150 10,500
BS (Hons) Business 226,200 451,300 473,560 13,950

FC Post Graduate Fee Structure




Semester Tuition Fee Annual Tuition Fee Total Fee Per Year Including Tax
M.Phil Program 79,000 156,400 201,900
(Economics, English, Sociology, Political Sciences, Public Policy, Urdu, Bilical Studies, Statistics)
(Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Food Safety, and Quality Management & Molecular 82,555 163,455 206,590
MS Clinical Psychology 148,000 296,500 357,500
MA Public Policy (Evening) 137,950 276,500 336,500
Executive ,MBA (Evening) 236,400 471,200 540,550
MBA 276,550 549,000 624,650
MS Computer Science 138,500 276,200 334,500

Furthermore, this list is for inter part 1 program General Science Humanities and arts as well as for hostel info will update at this place soon. Surely, this place provides the best skills in different departments which meets the international standard. With education, they also develop the student’s ethics. This platform has been performing its responsibilities in this field for decades.

Admission Schedule 2022:

  • Till Not Announce( It will come after the declaration of matric result)

One can make the idea about its standard with this thing that is recognized as one of the best institutes in the subcontinent. It has an excellent academic record that why it is truly known about education.

No doubt, they built a great reputation for providing outstations and outstanding education for students in a comfortable and innovative environment. This has its own rules and regulations and administrative policy for the best system.


  • Call on the below number to get the latest info.


In the beginning days in college, a student imagines having a new friend, a new direction, and a good time and gaining useful knowledge. But after some time, they came to know that college life has its own struggles and challenges because of the huge expectations and demands they must be laid on the significance of education.

So if your name has come in any FC College Lahore Fee Structure 2022 during this admission of FA FSC ICOM and ICS then must work hard because to stay in the hostel more marks are needed. In the future, these class studies matter more than any other class. So this work must be paid off in the future so be loyal to your studies.

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