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    After counting the renowned colleges of this province, name of Punjab College Lahore comes to the top. The foundation of this institute clearly marks an improvement in the quality of education. An latest Punjab College Lahore fee structure 2024 presents whether one will afford these admission expenses or not. Undoubtedly, they are shaping the future of Pakistani students on a promising note. Previously, this college only belongs to Lahore, but in recent few years, its sub-campuses are working in every big city of this province. But clear your mind that it is a privately owned group; that’s why its fee is a bit high.

    Punjab College Lahore Fee Structure 2024:

    • It’s appreciated that Punjab College Lahore and the rest of its campuses offer many scholarship opportunities and fee concession options to its students. Furthermore, Punjab College Lahore fee structure 2024 has explained that shows that how much you need to pay for the related classes.

    Punjab College Lahore FSC Fee Structure 2024:

    Overall the strength of FSC students in this college is probably more than any other platform. Despite a healthy Punjab College Lahore FSC fee structure, students and their families trust on them. Further, the chart shows

    Course  Fee(Per Year) Approx.
    FSC 142,000 Rupees

    Moreover, the fee structure of Punjab College Lahore for their FSC degree programs depends on your marks. Like if your marks will be of above the 90% range; then an almost total fee will be waived.

    Punjab College Lahore Campus 8 Fee Structure:

    • Being one of the oldest campuses, it’s thought of few ones that the Punjab College Lahore Campus 8 fee structure is not the same as the others. But, this is fake gossip, as the fee is not varying with the change of campus. Simple write out the fees that are covered in this content.

    Punjab College Lahore FA Fee Structure:

    A course that belongs to the arts group but doesn’t take it lightly. The students who are doing a planned preparation of CSS can prefer the FA class. Moreover, the Punjab College Lahore FA fee Structure is higher compared to the level of this class. But, the quality force people towards them. If you have good marks then you can check your luck through scholarships.

    • The applicant who’s got Seventy Perc marks is also eligible to apply for the fee concession.
    • If you are a son or a daughter of a teacher who is teaching in this college, then Twenty Five Perc of your tuition fee will be given an exemption.
    Course  Fee(for each year) and Approx.
    FA 108,000 Rupees

    On a kinship basis, you will get also Fifty perc of the tuition fees exemption. If you appeal on the general concession basis and terms, then this decision will be taken by the concession committee.

    Punjab College Fees for ICS 2024:

    For computer education, this is the basic class to be done with good marks. The ICS fee structure is also about the same as the other Punjab college inter-level fees. But, they focused on the skills and learning.

    Course  Fee(per Year)
    ICS Approx. 137,000 Rupees
    •  Note: Students can call at “0800-78608” to verify any change in fee.
    • While, “0311-1786522” is also their secondary number. Apart from this, you can have a little bit of exemption in your tuition fees if you are applying on a sports basis.

    Punjab College Lahore Bcom Fee Structure:

    In the commerce category, this is the identity of Punjab college. After the intermediate, it’s a worthy 2 year program that is termed ADC parts 1 and 2 belong to the IT group. The latest fee structure of the Punjab college is expected to change for this term.

    Course  Approx. Fee(of 2 Years)
    BCOM or Adc 276,150

    Yes, their fee concession exemption policy is also made for the orphan, and disabled students too, which is really good moving to encourage the students. This is also a fact, that despite huge fees this institute delivers a lot in the education sector. So if you can afford it; then must try to be part of this college.

    Punjab College Lahore BBA Fee Structure:

    Apparently, this is Uni level program but Punjab college also offered a business degree. But, the Punjab College Lahore BBA fee structure is comprised of four years. While this is not a yearly program as well. So, submit the fee of BBA as per the plan.

    Course  Fee Per Semester
    BBA N/A

    the new list

    Punjab College Lahore BSCS Fee Structure:

    An ideal program for those who do the ICS in past. And if one has passed the ICS from the Punjab college then this is better to continue the same line under the same roof. This is also a rare undergraduate level course that still running. But, BSCS Fee Structure issued by the Punjab college Lahore is very comprehensive.

    Course  Fee Per Semester
    BSCS N/A

    The biggest problem is the increase in Punjab College Lahore fee structure 2024 every year. It must be restricted to a point that an average family kid also got afford it. No one has any confusion related to its quality but plz do something about it.

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