How To Make Pure Butter, Desi Makhan

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    Have to ever get the chance to make pure butter, desi makhan? Well if not then you must read this article because here we are going to discuss that how to male pure butter, Desi Makhan. Indian cooking is always said to incomplete without the use of oil or ghee and this recipe of pure butter have been also switched with the use of ghee because it has been derived from the Indian culture and society. Although making the desi makhan will appear as much troublesome and complicated for majority of the women because it often demands to check the consistency of the butter and its softness every second. Well for solving this difficulty let’s have a look at the steps for making the pure butter, desi makhan.

    How To Make Pure Butter, Desi Makhan

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    1. In the beginning, the person should make sure that the milk has been covered with a lot of cream and should be even look alike as fresh and cleaned ones.
    2. As you will witness the cream over the surface of the milk just collect all the cream in some separate utensil and place it in some cooling areas such as refrigerator.
    3. When you are all set to prepare the pure butter then you should place the cream or yogurt out from the refrigerator before two or three hours so that it can get hold over its original smell.
    4. If the cream has been thick then just add one small spoon of yogurt in it and mix the whole mixture until it didn’t get turned into the liquid form. Now place the whole mixture in some cup or glass.
    5. Now take some butter and heat it on the stove. Keep stirring the butter until it didn’t get melt at its final stage. Make sure that the butter should not be heated much that is start giving the stinky smell.
    6. As the butter gets heated just place it for sometime so that it may cool down.
    7. Now at final step you can add butter in the cream and hence you will be all prepared to take the fun pleasure from the desi makhan.

    Well we are sure that through this piece of article and simple method all those people who have never get the chance to taste the desi makhan they will surely think about it after reading this article. We are sure that you will just love it.

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