IBA Sukkur Fee Structure 2018 for MBA, BBA

Complete fee structure of IBA Sukkur for 2018 MBA and BBA programs now come for upcoming admissions. These details are for BBA 4 years and MBA 2 years programs that cover almost every expense from admission fee to tuition and other charges. Undoubtedly, Institute of Business Administration is one of the best and famous education platform in Pakistan. Every year, IBA offers new admissions for both of these degree programs to enhance the student’s skill in the fields of business. From last many years, the graduates of this institutes are serving in the field. Their professionalism clearly shows that from which institute they got the higher level education.

But to get admission in this institute, it’s essential to full fill the entire eligibility criteria. Further, if one reviews the expense list then its come in a range of maximum students. So if one will come on merit then affordability is not a big issue.

IBA Sukkur Fee Structure 2018 for MBA, BBA

Note: Given fee structure will apply for upcoming admission that will publicize according to schedule.

Below list comprised each and very dues, in a distinct way. This is is not confusing at all.

Fee Structure of Undergraduate Programs 2018:

  • that includes

IBA Sukkur BBA Fee Structure 2018:

Fee Structure BBA BE Electrical Engineering BE Energy System BS (CS) BS (Software Engineering) BS (Accounting & Finance)
Admission Fee 15000 15000 15000 15000 15000
Tuition Fees 44800 44800 14800 44800 44800 44800
Exam Material 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700
Library 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700 5700
SISC Contribution 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Page/Spider 800 800 800 800 800 800
Development Charges 13000 13000 13000 13000 13000 13000
Library Security 2000


2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Total 88000 88000 43000 88000 88000 88000

IBA Sukkur MBA Fee Structure 2018:

Fee Structure MBA( 2 Years) Case Study
Admission Fee 15000
Tuition Fees 49800
Exam Material 5700
Library 5700
SISC Contribution 1000
Page/Spider 800
Development Charges 13000
Library Security 2000


Total 93000
  • For MS Programs:
Fee Structure MS (Management) and (Applied Math) MS( Software Engineering) and (CS)
Admission Fees 15,000 15,000
Course Registration 15,000 20,000
Thesis 30,000 40,000

to review fee

For Ph.D.:

Fee Structure PhD
Admission Fees 15,000
Course Registration 15,000
Thesis-6 Courses 90,000

This platform always provides a first-class education for students; which compete in all over Pakistan and abroad. IBA provides professional, educated, honest and very hard working teachers which teaches the students in modern ways and also teaches the new skills that are used to benefits business. The educational standard of this institute meets all requirement of international level.

So for all applying candidates its important for MBA, BBA to know IBA Sukkur Fee Structure 2018 that their confidence will be going high. Every graduate as well other professionals of this institute must prove himself special from other with his work. Probably this time again the best group of student will start their journey.

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