IBA Fee Structure 2024 Karachi, Sukkur for MBA, BBA

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    An exclusive fee structure of IBA Karachi and Sukkur for 2024 MBA and BBA programs is just in completion phase. These details are for BBA 4 years and MBA 2 years programs that cover almost every expense from admission fee to tuition and other charges of next admission. Undoubtedly, Institute of Business Administration is one of the best and famous education platform in Pakistan. Every year, IBA offers new admissions for both of these degree programs to enhance the student’s skill in the fields of business. From last many years, the graduates of this institutes are serving in the field. Their professionalism clearly shows that from which institute they got the higher level education.

    IBA Fee Structure 2024 per Semester:

    To continue admission, it’s essential to follow per semester IBA fee structure 2024. And, if one reviews the expense list then its come in a range of maximum students. So if one will come on merit then affordability is not a big issue.

    IBA Karachi Fee Structure 2024:

    • Being an dream education institute of business studies, fee structure of IBA Karachi is accepted by anyone in 2024. Especially, their two major courses include BBA and MBA are the best one in whole world. The tuition fee charges is:
    Programs Detail For per Credit Hour
    IBA Karachi BBA Fee Structure 24 Thousand and 200 Rupees
    Other BS Programs( CS, Eco., Math and Social Science) Same like BBA fee
    IBA Karachi MBA Fee Structure 26,600
    MS Fee Same for all Master program include MBA

    Other Charges that also applicable on every student: (Approx.)

    • For Activity: 5000 Rupees
    • About Admission: 64,900 Rupees

    Hostel Charges:

    1. Single Room: 80 Thousand without Ac and 88 Thousand with Ac
    2. Double Sharing Room: 77 Thousand without AC and 85 Thousand with Ac
    3. Triple Sharing Room: 72 Thousand and Five Hundred OR 82 Thousand and Five Hundred

    Few bills may apply separately for AC Room.

    IBA Sukkur Fee Structure 2024:

    • Popular courses whom IBA Sukkur fee structure 2024 is concerned most are of BBA and MBA. Till, their are rare universities who meet the standards of this institute degree. And, everyone admire this reality.

    Note: Given fee structure will apply for upcoming admission that will publicize according to schedule.

    IBA Sukkur Fee Structure for MBA:

    Total payable dues in the first semester for MBA in the IBA Sukkur fee structure is bit higher from the following semesters. Reason is that the admission and more other mix charges are part of first semester amount.

    First(1st) Semester Fee with admission dues Per Semester Fee
    IBA Sukkur MBA Fee Structure 2024  1 Lac and 35 Thousand Rupees  93 Thousand Rupees

    Level of learnings in IBA Sukkur is just out of words. Indeed, they provides professional, educated, honest and very hard working teachers which teaches the students in modern ways and also teaches the new skills that are used to benefits business. The educational standard of this institute meets all requirement of international level.

    IBA Sukkur BBA Fee Structure:

    In the business line, this is one of the demanded degree and if one do BBA in any of IBA, then one goes to next stage. Further, the IBA Sukkur Fee Structure for BBA is in budget of middle class. The stuff that matter more is that how one manage to take admission in it.

    First Semester Charges + Admission and other Mix Fee Per Semester Fee
    IBA Sukkur BBA Fee Structure 2024  1 Lac and 4 Thousand Rupees  83 Thousand Rupees

    Suppose, if one failed to be part of above two possibilities then they have it’s alternative. Apart from engineering, fee of other programs is lesser then this too.

    Fee Structure (Approx.)
    BE Electrical Engineering BE Energy System BS (CS) BS (Software Engineering) BS (Accounting & Finance)
    Admission Fee 15 Thousand 15000 15000 15000
    Tuition Fees 61 Thousand 21 Thousand 61,000 61 Thousand 61,000
    Exam Material 5700 5700 5700 Same 5700
    Lab Same as Exam material 5700 5700 Same 5700
    SISC Contribution 1000 1000 1000 Same 1000
    Page/Spider 800 800 800 Same 800
    Development Charges 13 Thousand 13 Thousand 13000 Same 13000
    Library Security 2000


    2000 2000 Same 2000
    Total 105,000 43000 105,000 105,000 105,000
    • For MS Programs: (Approx.)
    Fee Structure MS (Management) and (Applied Math) Other MS Program
    Admission Fees 15,000 15,000
    Tuition Fee 44 Thousand Rupees 23,000(Its of per course)
    Development Charges 15 Thousand Rupees 46,000( These are thesis charges)

    to review fee

    For Ph.D.:

    Fee Structure PhD
    Admission Fees 15,000
    Course Registration 23 Thousand Rupees( Its of per course)
    Thesis-6 Courses 1 Lac and 38 Thousand Rupees

    So, for MBA, BBA, the chart has IBA fee structure 2024 for Karachi and also Sukkur too. Every graduate as well other professionals of this institute must prove himself special from other with his work. Probably this time again the best group of student will start their journey. Wherever, you get chance, focus more on the ground work.

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