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    It’s a good sign, that Lahore Leads University fee structure 2024 is freshly notified every year for all programs. Additionally, bscs, pharm d, engineering, llb, and MPhil are the name of their major course. This is also an ideal and admirable university of commerce & accounting but they also deal in the different fields of engineering and Medical as well. Every year, their fall admission gets huge attention of undergraduate students. This shows their growing popularity and trust in their educational criteria. Now, they also worked on the graduate degrees that must help those who are in search of some quality institute.

    Lahore Leads University Fee Structure 2024:

    Being a private institute, Lahore Leads University’s fee structure 2024 is for those who are at least from medium-class family background. Moreover, they assure an advanced system but still, there are many gaps where they need to make themself better.

    A positive part of their recent work is that they clarify their fee stats in the best way. This will help those who are from other cities and it’s difficult for them to travel. Furthermore, their fees table is:

    Course Name Total Fee
    Lahore Leads University Fee Structure for Pharm d Total is 1,262,000/- Rupees (Of Ten Semesters)
    Lahore Leads University BSCS Fee Structure  1,027,000/- is the total for (Eight Semesters)
    LLB Fee Structure It’s 1,327,000/- Rupees(For Five Years)
    Software Engineering Fee Structure 1,067,000 Rupees
    Other programs and their Fee Structure This is for (Four Years) or Of (8 Semesters)
    BBA, BS(Mas Com), and Math
    • 987,000 Rupees (BBA)
    • 803,000 (Mas com)
    • 683,000 Rupees (Math)
    BS( English, Islamic Studies, Physical Education)
    • 682,500 Rupees (Eng)
    • 427,000 Rupees( Islamic Studies)
    • 507,000 Rupees (Phy education)
    BS( Psychology, Pol Science and Urdu)
    • 680,500 Rupees (Psychology)
    • 507,000 Rupees(Urdu)
    • MBA total fee is: 415,000 Rupees

    This university has been starting the advanced graduate option for those who desire to step to a higher level. As its duration is almost 2 years, that is why their fee is also lesser too. A chart of:

    Lahore Leads University M.Phil Fee Structure:

    There are two MPhil fee structures at Lahore Leads University and both are not like the others. One will manage them in a better way.

    Of 2 year or 4 Semesters
    Lahore Leads University m phil(Computer science, IT, English, Economics, Match and Education) Fee Structure 415,000 Rupees( Total Amount)
    Fee Structure of m phil in (Sociology,  Mas com, Islamic Studies) 375,000 Rupees
    • Number for contact: 042-35927413 (Call during the uni time)

    complete figure of them

    This university has a very informed and professional staff that teaches the students the latest tacks related to business and how to increase and manage their business in a difficult situation. The students learn a lot of other things related to business. They are best related to business and make the students professional. They have an excellent environment where students learn their education in efficiently and effectively.

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