History of Arain Caste in Pakistan in Urdu Shajra

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    A caste is basically a mutual social system of occupation, social class, culture and political power. The caste system in Pakistan is based on ethnicity. From ancient time these ethnicity incline to be endogamous. Unluckily, the Pakistani people are segregated into different caste and they feel proud of this. Among these Arains is one of them. In Pakistan their history in English Language with Shajra e Nasab, this is not in Urdu because of some difficulties but this is not difficult to understand.

    • This word is originated from Ar-Rai, Arabic name which means ‘The shepherd’. This is the combination of two leading castes first is social or ethic group of Burj Attari and the second are Chohaan, the actual citizens of Attari.

    They move in Hindustan with Arab invaders Muhammad Bin Qasim in 92 Hijri. So, these are Arab descendants. One of the Indian Islamic professor Akbar Shah Khan Najeebabadi claims that they arrived in India through Debal, Sindh. He called them Areehai which is derived from this region and the Punjabi people starts pronouncing it as Arains. While most of the people assume that Arians are the indigenous of the northern areas of the Sub-Continent.

    This caste have ruled the civil society. Since the Pakistan came into being Arians took over the hold for around 30 years. Majority members of this caste are associated with agricultural sector. In addition, most of them are resides in Punjab both Pakistani and Indian. They are mainly connected with farming profession, usually being zamindars and small landowners. Furthermore, in Pakistan this tribe occupies more number of people than the other ones.

    Furthermore, most of them are Muslims but most of the Hindus and Sikh also belongs to this specific descent. In Pakistan, there large number also exists in Ahmadiyya community. They are also categorized in a non-martial race by the Bristish after the two Anglo-Sikh wars. This is Shajra of Arain Caste in Pakistan as well their history that made them prominent.


    They are blessed with best qualities. The most prominent feature of Arians is gentlemanliness. They are wound healers and help people in reducing sufferings and pain. Majority of them has colored eyes as well as have fair complexion. Their majority preferred marriage ceremony with in caste. Hence, these are family people.  A study conducted in Urdu on the blood type on various castes. It is found that O blood group is very common in all races except in them because majority of them contains B blood group.

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