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    In capital city, this Uni has been serving with the premium and handpicked education facilities and environment for quite a longer time period. While, the National Defence University NDU fee structure 2024 that cover tuition for the BS or other Phil and PHD programs are also not much higher like many other big names. Furthermore, they even linked with many other universities as well adding with the addition of Command and Staff College, Quetta, Naval War College, Lahore and Air War College, Karachi. The main of this university falls within the discipline and its rules.

    • This university has been just known for its strict and limited rules and customs that turn out all the students ad disciplined and well behave in their life. This has been handled by the Army Service Center of Pakistan and gain good repute in short time.

    National Defence University Fee Structure 2024:

    One of the pillar program in which basic strength of this University is studying is the BS (4 year Disciplines). Apparently, the National Defence University fee structure 2024 is about same for every discipline of the Bachelor program. So, plz note them.

    NDU Fee Structure 2024 for BS:

    • First, their fee is charging on per semester bases and total (8) semesters are it’s part. Moreover, the admission and thesis charges are also applied on students. Maybe, thesis fee is option whom reality will clear after applying.

    NDU Tuition Fees 2024:

    They explain each and every aspect of fee expense. Like, the tuition fees of NDU is almost same in 2024 for the BS programs. It not change with one semester to the next one.

    Semester Fee( Until 8th) Admission Fee
    NDU BS Fee Structure 2024 66,999 Rupees 41,000 Rupees and 13 Thousand are Thesis Dues
    • Next is the Mphil that is of the 2 year time span. And one more giant degree is the PHD whom is offered by very few ones. Their fee is presumed more then the BS, but in real its much lesser. The figures makes it clearer.
    National Defence University Mphil Fee Structure 2024 (Till 4th Semester) NDU PHD Fee Structure 2024( For total 6 Semester)
    40,500 Rupees for Each Semester Same 40 Thousand Rupees

    Dues in term of fee


    Address: (NDU) Sector E-9 E-9/3, Islamabad
    Phone: 051-9262066-8

    Someone, who face issue in the understanding of National Defence University NDU fee structure 2024 or want some extra info can easily call them. Although few students does not feel easy in the presence of such restriction but in long terms these are really useful.

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