Easy Fruit Salad Recipe For Kids

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    Here we will discuss easy fruit salad recipes for kids. Every woman knows that fresh fruit salad is considered to be delicious and tasty addition to any party or formal dinner. In other words, fresh fruit salad is the best way to the keep the guests happy. Now the question is that how to make easy fruit salad recipes for kids? In this post, we will discuss easy recipe for making fruit salad for kids. In order to make easy fruit salad recipe, you should apply simple steps. The simple steps for making the fruit salad are as follows:

    Easy Fruit Salad Recipe For Kids

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    1. The most important step for making fruit salad recipe for kids is that you should choose fruits in advance. You should avoid fruits which includes sliced and diced. You should refrigerate those fruits which are already ripe like watermelons, strawberries.
    2. The next step is that you should wash and then dry all the fruits before preparing the fruit salad. You should wash the berries and grapes into the colander.
    3. Thirdly, you should cut the largest fruits and then slice the watermelon in the two quarters. Afterwards, you should make the melon balls with the melon baller. If person don’t have melon baller then she should use the ice cream scoop.
    4. Moreover, you should slice the cantaloupe and then scoop the seeds by using the large spoon. Afterwards, you should take washed grapes and blueberries into the bowl. You should add them last.
    5. The last step is that you should mix the lemon and honey into the small bowl. The lemon will keep all the fruits from browning very quickly. If we talk about honey then it will add sweetness but it is considered to be optional. Then you should toss the fruit salad with the large spoon by mixing the lemon and honey. Lastly, you should cover or serve to your kids immediately.

    These are simple steps for making the easy fruit salad recipes for kids. The two important things regarding the fruit salad we would like to mention that you should not add grapefruit into the salad until you want the whole fruit salad recipe to taste like the grapefruit. Secondly, you should not cut the fruits on the cutting board.

    So all mothers should try this easy fruit salad recipes for their kids. This recipe is very easy and simple for making the fruit salad.

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