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    Here we will discuss about NTS sample test papers download. There are many types of questions are includes in NTS test. Basically, NTS test is completely based on MCQs. In NTS NAT-1, the total MCQs are 90 and the time duration is 2 hours. On the other hand, NTS NAT-11 includes 100 MCQs and the time duration is 2 hours. We would like to mention that there is no negative marking in NTS test. Now we would like to explain the types of questions that are included in NTS test.

    NTS Sample Test Papers Download

    NTS Sample Test Papers Download 001

    1.      Verbal Ability:

    Verbal ability section includes four main parts such as antonyms, analogies, sentence completions and critical reading.

    2.      Quantitative Ability:

    The second section of NTS test i-e quantitative ability includes two main parts such as problem solving and quantitative comparisons. In the section of problem solving, students will solve multiple-choice questions related to maths and word problems. On the other hand, in case of quantitative comparisons section, students compare the quantities in two given columns and then identify the larger quantity.

    3.      Analytical Ability:

    The section of analytical ability includes the two main parts such as analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. In case of analytical reasoning section, students needs to draw reasoned conclusions and then relationships are completely based on various sets of statements. On the other hand, in case of logical reasoning students derive the logical conclusions.

    So these are three most important sections of NTS test. Here we would like to mention that the validity period of NTS test is only 1 year. For downloading the test papers of NTS test, students should know about the types of NTS test. There are many types of NTS test such as NAT-IE, NAT-IM, NAT-IA, NAT-ICS, NAT-IGS, NAT-ICOM, NAT-IIA, NAT-IIB, NAT-IIM and NAT-IIO.

    So these are considered to be main sections of NTS test. We are completely sure that after reading this article student will collect maximum information regarding this test. Before giving this test, it is advisable that students should download the test papers of NTS test. For downloading the different test papers, just visit the official website of NTS. By visiting this website, students will see different test papers as a sample. So those students who will be appearing for this test should visit this webpage regularly or visit the website of NTS. In this way, they will get the latest updates of NTS test.

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