Youth Problems In Pakistan

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    As being part of this youth generation every single teenager will clearly understand the youth problems in Pakistan. Well, we would surely say one thing that today’s age of youth is confused about themselves. They don’t want their parents to run after them and take care of them and on the other hand, they are not ready to take their responsibility and earn their own livelihood. In today’s youth, we have noticed one thing that they have many questions in their minds but there is no one who should provide them with the answers. This is mainly because of the gap between the elders and the young generation. When the elders began to give them any advice they normally overlook it because there surely the big age difference and difference in thinking as well.

    The parents are much busy in their own lifestyle that they sometimes don’t even bother to know about their child. This whole situation gives rise to the darkness and groping circumstances and as a result, they started comparing their lives with the films and began to make their fantasy world.

    If in case the adults confirm them to follow the traditions and their cultural values then on the other and they set their own ideas and dreamed that are formed after the free western culture.

    Youth Problems In Pakistan:

    Normally we see that the main problems are just seen within the school and college timings but when the adult aged boy or girl moves out from the college for the search of jobs then they have to get trapped within the monstrous unemployment conditions.

    Their frustration increases to the peak, and they eventually become more bitter, restless, aggressive, and filled with anger. As they didn’t get any attention from all the sides so they finally get them fixed with another world that is surrounded by drug addiction, crimes, bad companies, and abuse too.

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    If we really want to give the ideal and right path for the coming youth generation then we should have patience and sympathy with them. They surely need a healing touch that would make them travel towards the world of success and happiness. At the end of the discussion, we would just say one thing that if they are served with the proper guidance and path then the youth of today will definitely create a new world that is full of discipline, values, healthy traditions, enjoyment, and prosperity.

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