Road Prince Bike Price in Pakistan 2018 New Model Motorcycle 70cc 110 125 150

Track record of this motorcycle company show; that before launching their own brand they have long time spare part experience. Currently, they are proud assembler of Road Prince bike in Pakistan. In recent few years, certainly their market value is rising up. Now with coming of 2018, this brand is giving a final touch to their all new model of 70cc 110 125 and 150 motorcycles. Shorty price of all these Road Prince Bike will reveal in Pakistan. In these products, company will tries to reach the quality standards of so called Japanese vehicles. Undoubtedly their automobiles had a rigid body structure. They just lack behind in performance specs, and for sure this time engineer will do a better work.

Unique body graphics are playing a major role in its uniqueness; they alter a traditional look that copied from last few years. A part from this, they experienced many new things that get huge appreciation.


Because of highest demand, this product is splitting in two shapes and names to. First one is titled as “Passion”, while second one is “Bullet”. Their specs and prices are almost same with two different look.

Price: 39,500 Rupees



For the first time, company will introduce Euro II technology in this product. Company will give it name  of Jackpot. Although its fuel consumption is little bit high but its give you best riding experience.

Price: 47,500 Rupees

Take a look at their Specs:



This is the second bike under this brand that is available in two body shapes, with almost same specs and cost. So its up to your choice which one will like more among “RP Euro 2” and “Twister”.

Price RP Euro 2: 80,000 Rupees


Twister: 82,500 Rupees



This is one of best creation of this brand, that gives a proper heavy bike look with brand name of “WEGO”. For youngsters this is best option in this range.

Price WEGO: 180,000

A part from this Loader of this brand has also revealed. Amazingly this will provide best carriage option to market.

Coming back to the price of Road Prince Bike in 2018, then probably this will climb up in Pakistan. Especially for 70cc and 125 motorcycles, because these are their demanding products. Let see that they preferred to maintain this range or get benefit from their increasing demand.

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