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    To sum up the admission, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences fee structure 2024 is up for for MBBS, BDS, DPT and bs nursing degrees in RIHS Islamabad. Currently, the first priority of this institute is to fill all positions on the base of merit. To achieve this goal a proper committee is working that’s allowed to make strict policies for admissions. Even local candidate’s criteria are implementing on all foreigners. Initially, these are quite difficult steps, but these are the necessities for the betterment of any institute. Subsequently, medical education is a field where only competent candidates will survive to get a degree. So the right selection is very important.

    Rawal Institute of Health Sciences Fee Structure 2024:

    Presently, a major assignment of this institute is to provide modern techniques to the student through which they get better ideas about health care. For this, Rawal Institute of Health Sciences fee structure 2024 is also good in amount. Up to now, they are doing very good work, but still, they will need to do much more.

    RIHS MBBS Fee Structure 2024:

    With the support of competent staff, they will achieve this goal. Mostly prefers this institute because this is in the public sector and highly qualified teachers who have served many years in this field. However, RIHS Islamabad MBBS fee structure 2024 is coming close to 70 Lac rupees whose elaboration is:

    • 1st Year Fee: 2,000,000 + 40,000= 2,040,000 Rupees
    • 2nd Year Fee: 2,000,000 Rupees

    Same “2,000,000” Rupees is per year fee for next 3 years.

    Rawal Institute of Health Sciences DPT Fee Structure 2024:

    The doctor of Physical Therapy course fee structure was concluded by the administration of RIHS and issued the new fee structure. They have done some changes in the fee structure according to need.

    •  First Semester Fee: 150,000 + 25000= 175000 Rupees
    • On every next semester fee is 150000 Rupees and their are total 9 semester left after the first one.

    Rawal Institute of Health Sciences BS Nursing and BDS Fee Structure 2024:

    Both of these are also the pillars of this university. The fee criteria of both programs are different and one thing is very clear without a merit basis you will not take admission. On other hand, every year they issued some self finance seats, so anyone has a chance on it too.

    Fee Structure table of BS Nursing Program:

    BSN 1st Semester Fee(Include Admission Charges) On every next Per Semester Fee
    75,000 + 70,100= 145,100/ Rupees 79,800/ Rupees

    Then their is:

    Fee Structure table of BDS Program:

    BDS First Year Fee(Include Admission Dues) Further, Per Year Fee
    1,800,000 + 30,000 = 1,830,000/ Rupees 1,800,000/ Rupees


    Currently, a hospital has attached to this medical college, which is a very good addition. Before completion of the degree, all students can get a chance for practical work. Along with this, a full-fledged library is also working on campus, from where one will get every type 0f book assistance. Basically, this is the type of related environment that will help to produce the best health professionals.

    • Number: 051-8747157

    Above is the official number of this medical college, so through this one will collect any info about the Rawal Institute of Health Sciences fee structure 2024. Further, RIHS online portal is also properly functional that is good for the students to get any of guideline from it.

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