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    For civilian students, the Military College Jhelum fee structure 2024 for the 1st year and 8th class has monthly tuition fee of approx. “16,500 Rupees“. It’s a factual statement that from years, Military College Jhelum is the ideal educational institute for the middle and secondary level students. That’s why every student of this level wished to be part of this college. But it’s not an easy task, because one must need to full fill their strict criteria. Two major things that matter a lot for the admission are the marks of (last class and entry test result). So, first of all, make sure to score maximum marks in both of these exams.

    Military College Jhelum Fee Structure 2024:

    This is a desire of any parent that their kids get their basic and other education in the best possible environment. But the high fees of schools are the biggest obstacles in full filling their dream. Right now, Military College Jhelum fee structure 2024 is the one that courage everyone that if a kid get admission then this is not impossible to pay.

    All stats of Military College Jhelum is in secret now. The chance of their advertisement will also issue in coming months. While, their contact is On for the further queries.

    As per current schedule admission, entry test will contribute a lot. Probably, after the test date, the official will public the date for the declaration of result.

    Military College Jhelum 1st Year Fee Structure 2024:

    A formal source to gather the fee is their official website. But, the tuition charges in the Military College Jhelum 1st year fee structure 2024 is change for the army related and civil families:

    • Its, approximately “16,500 Rupees” (For only Civilians and students belongs to army families charged less then this one)

    For this, plz contact on

    • 0544-650581

    Further, the following is very useful data that is handy one for the applicants.

    • Eligibility Criteria
    • Test Date
    • Selection Process
    • and Contact Number

    Main thing to take Care:

    1. Age limit for applicants must be in between (15 to 17) Years.
    2. Result awaiting students have also the option to appear in the test.

    Military College Jhelum 8th Class Fee Structure:

    A perfect class to set up the schooling career there is the middle. Hope so, that Military College Jhelum 8th class fee structure 2024 will remain in budget.

    • Approx. per Month Fee for the Civil students is: 16,500 Rupees

    The other admission fees are for the Registration purpose are:

    • Regular: 2500 Rupees(For Civil Applicants)

    To get the authentic amount, contact on “8043 36011-17” with an (extension 2236) and second call extension is (ext 2286) with the same number.

    • Note: Plz call in the given working hours and collect just the account related data.

    A notice of admission:

    for admission info

    Selection Process:

    Selection will purely base on merit. And the key things to get a good position in merit are the (Marks+ Test Result+ Intelligence Test Score+ Interview and Medical Test)

    1. Self finance options are not opened at this moment.

    Military College Jhelum Self Finance Fee 2024:

    In any of the notice, the self finance seats in Military College Jhelum are not highlighting properly. Maybe, they have closed this option but again to get a most accurate fee or some else instruction, numbers are in the content.


    For education or academic info 8043 36011-17 with (Extension 2209 and 2255)

    Hopefully, now you understand that how to sort out the Military College Jhelum fee structure 2024 for current opened admission of 1st year and even for 8th class too. Moreover, we are closing down this article with the tip that strict yourself to follow every role to full fill your dream.

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