Rawalpindi Medical College MBBS, BDS Merit List 2017-18

Forty two years ago this college had been raising and bringing up medical students and professionals. They try to induct medical knowledge and practical information into the minds of their students so that these students can later on serve their community in better way. They always ensure that each of their graduates learn the practical know how of their field. Now for 2017 and 2018 admission is in main line in Rawalpindi Medical College, so merit list is expecting in Oct. This sorting out list is really important because its not possible that every applicant will be part here. This educational platform is embedded and packed with many degree programs, but major one are MBBS and BDS. This institute has its affiliation with the UHS.

Beyond this they provide courses and teach Pharmacology and Pathology, you can have your degree in the subjects of Gynecology in this this well known and prestigious platform. In order to boosting up students they also gives option of scholarship, but for this one must need to show excellence in previous class.

Merit List Schedule for Rawalpindi Medical College in 2017-18:

  • For MBBS:  ——–October
  • For BDS: ———- December

Note: In order to get info about exact date, or one will get any other info from below contact number.

Major Requirements:

You should have passed inter pre medical examination to get admission here. For the O level students and for the foreign candidates, they should have maximum marks in their science subjects. Along them entry test marks are adding on to run in the selection competition.


To know about more related info of this particular college, you have to call on this below number. One will get assistance that will help to resolve related issue.


UN doubt able this is a well rated college and mostly opted by many of the medical students. During studies they prepare their students in such a way that they become best professionals. Although if one compare their success rate with time of establishment then this is not good but now they tries to cover all those factors that make their progress rate very slow. So you has chance to select here then never missed it out.

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