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Aga Khan Lab Test Charges List 2024 Rates, Reports Online Check

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Being an precise laboratory, the current Aga khan Lab test charges list 2024 are little high then the local labs rates, but they are most reliable and the reports online check method of them is also great. The latest technology used in the blood and other tests makes their result really efficient. Because of this, Agha khan lab is competing now with other laboratory. Mostly patient has two choice for their test. One is agha khan laboratory and the other one is the shoukat khanm laboratory. The only problem that few people complaint is the rates. But, they are purely private and to meet the expenses they apply these amount.

    Aga Khan Lab Test Charges List 2024:

    Huge number of test are now offered by this laboratory, that’s why the Aga khan Lab test charges list 2024 is extensively long. The charges of few major tests are in this content but their is chances of its variation because they can change them at any time.

    If some one want to test about his some disease then he go to the laboratory and give his required sample to the laboratory staff. Laboratory staff takes his blood and the charges of the blood test and say him to take the blood report after some hour or on the nest coming day.

    A lot of people think this procedure just wasting a time; they want some other procedure so that they rid off to go to the laboratory again. So agha khan laboratory introduces a new scheme for its customers.

    Aga Khan Lab Test Rates 2024:

    The major Aga khan Lab Test Rates 2024 are offered manually and also in the packages as well. Their is also discounts on the complete package to make it affordable.

    • Kindly note that existing tests charges may change at any time.
    Laboratory Test
    Lab Test Charges (Approx.)
    Stool D/R (SDRC)
    850 Rupees
    Liver Function Test
    Blood Urea Nitrogen 
    Anti HCV
    Hepatits B Surface Antigen
    Hepatits B Surface Antibody
    Serum Iron
    Lipid Profile
    Complete Blood Count
    Direct Coombs Test
    Fasting Insulin
    Free Androgen Index
    Magnesium Test
    HepC AB
    Vitamin B12
    RBC Folate
    Fasting Glucose 
    Serum Calcium 
    Serum Uric Acid
    • After this, we have:

    Aga Khan Lab Reports Online Check:

    The present procedure via online to get the test report by just sitting in homes through internet is appreciate able. After getting the report they can print that report and consult their doctors. The procedure of this scheme is given below:

    After login, one will get all the access of the resulted reports. All stats are about the current condition is in this conclusion.

    Number to get response of any query: (021-111 911 911) You can also ask about test fees too.

    note it

    First go to the official website of the agha khan laboratory and then sign in with your user name and password. Then after sign in you have to write your email address on which you want to send this blood report via email. When you will enter your email then the report will be send on your email immediately.

    Apart from this Al Nasar Lab Online Reports are also easy to check.

    This is free service and there are no extra charges of this service. Customers can get check online reports of Aga khan Laboratory with out spending much time to visit laboratory. We hope that the rates or Aga khan Lab test charges list 2024 will more economical that everyone utilize their services.

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