Aga Khan Hospital Check Online Lab Test Reports, Charges

Agha khan laboratory is one of the famous laboratories in Pakistan. The reason is nothing but the latest technology used in the blood test and other tests. Agha khan laboratory is competing now with other laboratory as well with its new technology. Mostly people use two laboratories for their blood test and other test. One is agha khan laboratory and the other one is the shoukat khanm laboratory.

If some one want to test about his some disease then he go to the laboratory and give his blood sample to the laboratory staff. Laboratory staff takes his blood and the charges of the blood test and say him to take the blood report after some hour or on the nest coming day. A lot of people think this procedure just wasting a time; they want some other procedure so that they rid off to go to the laboratory again. So agha khan laboratory introduces a new scheme for its customers.

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This scheme is nothing but the online procedure to get the blood report by just sitting in homes through internet. After getting the report they can print that report and consult their doctors. The procedure of this scheme is given below:

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Laboratory Test
Lab Test Charges
Blood Culture
Rs. 1500
Rs. 600
CBC ESR Platelets
Rs. 710
Thyroid Profile
Rs. 2520
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase
Rs. 750
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Harmone
Rs. 1050
Urine pH
Rs. 220
Uric Acid
Rs. 540
Fasting Glucose
Rs. 320
Random Glucose
Rs. 320
Glucose Tolerance Test/ Glucose Challenge Test
Rs. 480
CSF Glucose
Rs. 280
Abo Blood Group RH Factor
Rs. 560
Rs. 11360
Large Autopsy
Rs. 3280
Water Culture
Rs. 320
Rs. 930
White Blood Count
Rs. 2650
Varicella Zoster Virus Antibody
Rs. 1960
Thalessemia by PCR
Rs. 26480
Thalessemia PCR in Bloog
Rs. 15130
Rs. 480
Dengue Igm
Rs. 1760
Dengue Rapid NS1 Antigen
Rs. 1760
Malaria Parasite
Rs. 560
Malaria Antigen
Rs. 1060

First go to the official website of the agha khan laboratory and then sign in with your user name and password. Then after sign in you have to write your email address on which you want to send this blood report via email. When you will enter your email then the report will be send on your email immediately.

Apart from this Al Nasar Lab Online Reports are also easy to check.

This is free service and there are no extra charges of this service. Customers can get their reports with out spending much time to visit laboratory. I think this is one of the best service initiated by the Agha khan laboratory.

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